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christmascandyApril 30, 2014

Here is the info on the rabbit boxes:

Mr. Rabbit's box:

Mrs. Rabbit's box seems the same:

I imagine they are several years old as they were at the thrift store, but good luck anyway.


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Thank you so much! I am going to call Costco and see if I can order the Rabbits!

I appreciate you going to so much trouble for me!

I think you should leave them out! We have Rabbits here year around! LOL And those are Beautiful!!

Thanks Again, and Love To You!!


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Thank you so much for going to the Trouble of finding the item numbers for me!

The first person i spoke with, said I would have to have the item number to order!

Today, I call, and they tell me, they do not ship!

So, I am out of Luck on the Rabbits!

Again, I appreciate your help!


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