Vaccuum - Simplicity Verve vs Miele Titan

oshnwavzApril 25, 2011

My small house is about 25% covered with berber carpet, and the rest are "naked" floors (although there is an area rug). I have 2 cats who like to kick litter out of their boxes. Today I have a canister Hoover Celebrity which I've had for 20+ years. Given the amount of dust around here even with regular cleaning, I'm guessing that the Hoover is now shooting out some amount of what it collects, plus I now have allergy issues - so I'm looking for a new vaccuum.

Today I checked out the Miele Titan and the Simplicity Verve (or S24L?). The Simplicity definitely seemed to have a more aggressive power head but the tools that come with it seemed a little skimpy. I don't mean the number of tools, I mean the quality of them. I think the filter systems are similar. The Miele provided the ability to turn the suction up or down, which was a nice feature.

Can anyone comment on the pros and cons of each of these vaccuums, or their own experiences - or do you have an alternative suggestion, given the details I've provided above ? Thanks in advance.

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I've had a central vac for 10 years and hate it.

A few months ago I purchased the Miele S7 Marin (Swing in the US). I have wall to wall broadloom on 80% of my upstairs. I absolutely love that vacuum.

Just last week I got a great deal on a Miele S5580 (Saturn here in Canada). It came with the SEB 236 powerhead and the SBB 300 Parquet Tool. I LOVE this canister vacuum. It has tremendous suction and is so easy to manoeuvre and use.

I may never touch my central vac again. I love not having to lug a 35' hose around.

I'm including a link to Achoo Allergy which has some good information on the Titan.

While Miele makes some of the best vacuums, keep in mind they made a series of minor adjustments to bring the cost of the S2 models down. First, S2 vacuums lack a sealed system like the S5 series. If allergies are a concern for you, I would consider an S5 (although they are pricier).

Miele is the best at filtering some of the most penetrating fine particles .3-.5 microns. But the filtration standard that it meets EN1855 is dependent on all three pieces, HEPA filter, Active Air Clean dust bag and the Sealed System.

Many people are willing to sacrifice a few things here or there for a lower price while others are not. Indoor air quality was a huge concern for me. I like knowing that the air expelled from my Saturn is cleaner than the air in the room. If I am not going to use the central vac which exhausts to my garage, I want the vacuum I use to be sealed.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Titan

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Thanks livebetter. That link you sent had some terrific info. Although first thinking I wanted a sealed system, I really don't want to pay the $$. My view is that whatever I get will be such an improvement over my 20+ year old hoover with virtually no filtration at all, that I will still be ahead in the end. Again - thanks for the input and very informative link.

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I bought the Simplicity Verve.

Since I did all kind of searches online to find the price and couldn't, I'll post here that it was $600.
It's functionality seemed to compare with the Miele Calisto which was an additional $300 that I was NOT willing to pay.
All I can say is wow.... so far I love everything about it ! Easy to maneuver, great suction, tools are great. The only thing is that the buttons to rewind the cord, looks just like the power button. They should somehow be differentiated better. I'm sure I'll get used to it. All in all I'm a very happy customer.

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I should have chimed in earlier, but have been busy. You made a good choice.

The power nozzle is more aggressive, plus you can adjust the height of the nozzle. This is much better than "self adjusting" power nozzle on the Miele. What I find people end up doing is turning the power down on the Miele, so that it is easier for them to push. By doing this, Miele users are not utilizing the power of the Miele.

You are going to find out also how much quieter the Verve is to your old Celebrity canister and how much better filtration you have. The cost of bags and filters are not going to be as much w/your vacuum compared to Miele.

You mentioned in a previous post, that the attachments seemed "skimpy". The attachments in the vacuum are on the small side, but should work ok. You should have also received a 3-in-1 tool, which fits on the wand. This is a much better tool than what is stored inside. It has a really thick natural haired dusting brush. If you flip the attachment to the other side and open the "wings", you will have an upholstery tool. Close those "wings" and you will have a curved crevice tool. When cleaning upholstery with this tool, I have found that the tool glides better when pulled back instead of pushed forward, when vacuuming a surface. You also have a nice quality floor brush.

Like the Miele, the Simplicity also allows you to adjust the motor speed.

Finding the correct foot pedal can be difficult, but most vacuum cleaners have symbols on each for "power" and "cord". That can be still difficult to see, when the pedals are black. There is a simple thing to get into the habit of doing. When looking to turn on the vacuum or rewind the cord, just look where the cord exits the vacuum. The cord storage entry will be on the side of the cord rewind pedal.

I believe that you will really enjoy your Simplicity. And remember, if you get stuck finding supplies like bags and filters, and no Simplicity dealer in site, a Riccar dealer will work also. Riccar and Simplicity dealers carry the same bags, since they are owned by the same company. The name of your Verve will be the Pristine, under the Riccar name.


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Thanks GEGUY.... yes the black pedals are marked, but it is because they are black as you say - that makes it difficult to distinguish the markings. Yes I figured over time I would get used to the fact that the pedal near the cord, is the cord rewind pedal.

Funny too that you mention the sound. I've already noticed that the sound on the Verve does NOT make my cats run under the bed like my old Hoover celebrity. They run but just not as far.

I too think that I made the right choice... THANKS ! !

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