Shower Door Help - Side panel or no? Bar or Pull?

KKPerryApril 25, 2012

Hello -

I've been spending more time on the kitchen forum during my whole house remodeling, but the bathroom questions are coming up. I've read through the many posting about frame-less shower doors but couldn't find help for these specific issues (lots of help on other questions though - thanks!#


We have a 4x6 walk in shower in the Master Bathroom, and will be having a hinged door. Due to the chairrail my husband requested #so we could vary the tile pattern to avoid "boring" beige tile) we now have a challenge with the door swing.

Option A - Fixed panel with hinged door to tile - requires notching the chair rail and will not swing open as fully/stay open.

Option B - Fixed panel and the hinged door attached to a 6" side panel.

We'd prefer not to notch the tile (makes the wall tile pattern awkward outside the glass) but are concerned about the sturdiness of the side panel.


Any thoughts about having a double towel bar as the "pull". All the pictures seem to show a pull and I can appreciate not wanting to "disrupt" the clear view provided by the glass but functionality kicks in at some point - we have no close point to have full shower bars. Just wondering if someone put in towel bars and regrets the look - hard to find pictures.


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We did a shower that had a trim piece that stuck out beyond the tile profile (like a chair rail would), so I just stopped the trim short of where the door would attach and used normal tile in that section. If your wall continued on, you could start it up again after the door.

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If you have a towel bar, it will hit the wall if the door is hinged on the wall. You'll have to do a handle in that case.

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KKperry, what did you decide to do? How does it look? I have a similar issue with my chair rail and my glass shower door. Maybe I ought to consult the glass company before the tile is finished to see what they think.

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I used what is called a combo. On the outside it is a towel bar. on the inside it is a pull.

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