AACk! Shampoo spilled on carpet - now what?

kksmamaApril 19, 2005

My dear son (um, yes, he is two years old - how'd you guess?) spilled half a bottle of baby shampoo on the carpet. I *hate* that carpet and it should have been replaced many months ago but we're waiting another six months until he, and the new dog we're getting in October, are potty trained.

So what can I put on this mess so that I can get it up without excess foaming? I could use my carpet cleaning machine but am afraid. I know detergent breaks up grease....what breaks up detergent??

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water -
First scrape and blot up as much as possible.

Then apply water, blot it off (or use the carpet cleaner on "suction") and keep going until there is no foaming left.

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Salt....old trick....dump salt on excess detergent suds.
I would first try to avoid making suds....scrape and blot as much as possible....then add water and blot some more....repeat....repeat.....repeat! LOL!
And remember if it does get sudsy....salt will knock down the suds.
Linda C

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Thanks! I'm working on it more today, but I've also ordered carpet samples....I just can't wait another six months. Frankly I'm ready to rip that mess out and live on the concrete slab that is underneath! We'll go with modular carpet tiles (heard about them on the flooring forum) so that future spills are easier to handle.

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Many years ago, that happened to me and I did the wet, suds and blot for hours and it never stopped producing the suds. Finally, I borrowed a sister-in-law's Rainbow brand carpet cleaner and it worked. It extracted the suds with water! I bet, a shop vac could do the trick too!

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Three more months to go.. if you didn't get it out yet, just leave it. Who cares?

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