Cooktop cleaning

fritzgardenApril 30, 2011

I have a Heartland black porcelain ceramic cooktop.

Has anyone the same kind of cooktop (not necessarily Heartland) that likes either CeramBryte or Magic Cooktop or something else?

And anything to recommend for grates and burner trim?

Barkeeps Friend does nothing special.

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I have a glass top that I use a cleaner that I get at Sears. I use a razorblade scrapper for removing paint from glass to scrape cooked on foods. My stove is over 20 years old and still looks great.

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I have black porcelain ceramic cooktop viking and couldn't get it clean. Had burnt on spills I couldn't get off. Someone on this forum suggested Easy Off oven cleaner for cold oven.I spray on and leave for an hour or so and wipe off. Works well. Still haven't found anything for the grates that work well.

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I put the iron grates in my dishwasher. Every couple of years I replace the aluminum under-plate burner covers. (Not really sure what they are called- they cost about $20 for four-not those cheap aluminum foil liners).

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The key to cleaning the glass stove top is to do it after every meal. If you don't do that it would all have to be scraped eventually. My nephew said he would never get a glass top because of the mess, but I had rather clean a flat top, glass or any other product compared to cleaning a stove top with stuff falling down inside and especially the grids of gas stove.

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I use a Magic Eraser on ours and it works well. I also use a razor blade scraper without the razor in it to scrape off any dried spills. Cleaners normally do nothing, it needs that scraper! The only time I really have a problem is when I leave it till the next morning to deal with. Just 409 and Magic Eraser.

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When we got the glass cooktop about 15 or so years ago, the salesperson said to use the cream cooktop cleaner because it left a light coat on the cooktop which helped protect it. She said it would make it easier to clean. She also said I would need the razor blade if things got burned on. I never thought of some of the other ideas mentioned here. Good ideas.

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My cleaner works on every thing so far and I have had the stove 7 years. I did try scraping, but only once or twice. Then found that the cleaner works as well if you leave it set a minute or 2.

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I've only had mine for about 2 mnths but I've never had a problem keeping it clean. I do wipe up all spills immediately & once the cooktop is cool enough, go over it w/a damp sponge or paper towel & dry w/microfiber cloth. So far so good & I hope I don't regret my positive comments! I love it so far since keeping the drip pans clean & lifting the top to clean under was a pain & I was always relacing the drip pans. I find this so much easier to keep clean.

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