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bnicebkindApril 29, 2008

we have polished marble in the master bath. It is getting some pinkish/reddish mildew/mold? in the grout lines. What would kill the mold without damaging the polished marble?

What are the best products to clean polished nickel faucets that will not damage the finish over the long term?

Best products for washing finger prints and scuffs off the walls, that will not fade/change the paint?

Best mirror cleaner? Best glass cleaner?

Wood floors. What do you use to clean them? Do you sponge mop?

Our "white" laundry (especially fitness clothing with spandex or nylon in them) seems to be taking on a grayish tint after awhile. How do you get whites really white (and stay that way, without using bleach?

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Phobie Privett

Can't help with the marble issue, but for mirrors and glass, I either use plain ol' windex with a microfiber cloth, or I use the solution of 1/3 rubbing alcohol, 2/3 water, one squirt of liquid detergent with microfiber cloth. (This is also what I use on my granite, but it works great on the faucets, SS appliances and lots of other things!).

For my wood floors, I just dust mop and vacuum regularly. About once a week, I use a product called Pledge wood floor cleaner. Just squirt on a little bit and mop with a well wrung out sponge mop. No rinsing, no streaks, and the floors look really good. Very quick, too.

For the walls, you might just try some warm water with a microfiber cloth. Those things are little miracles!

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