Yellowish stains (?) in my shower grout!

blinktmbApril 22, 2013


I have a natural stone tile shower with sanded grout, grayish in color. We have a new home and have been here about 6 months now. I've been having problems with grout discoloration from day 1 (that's another story), but for the past few months (maybe longer) some portions of the grout have a yellow/white looking substance that I cannot get off no matter how hard I try. I bought a grout brush from MB Stone Care as well as lots of their products--the everyday cleaner (MB5), the mildew cleaner (MP9?(, and the soap scum cleaner (MB6?). I have tried methods both recommended and NOT recommended for natural stone (out of desperation, plus it was just on the grout mainly)--vinegar, rubbing alcohol, a special enzymatic grout cleaner from Home Depot, Soft Scrub, Mr. Clean, even a diluted bleach (which I know is a no-no). Nothing even makes the stuff budge. I'm attaching pictures..has anyone ever seen anything like this? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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You could call the builder - since it is a new home and still under some kind of warranty - and ask what brand of grout was used. Then call the grout company and ask them if this is some sort of failure in the grout. My guess would be that the maker is Laticrete.

I don't believe there is a tile forum on Gardenweb or I would suggest you post this question there. You might want to do a google search and find a site that is specific to tile and has forums.

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There is a flooring forum, you might try there.

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