Electrolux Website--Horrible!

jwats612April 24, 2013

I am posting this in hope that Electrolux actually monitors these forums..my attempt to get information on a double oven

1. They show obsolete models on website--and cannot tell you what is actually for sale when you call the customer service number. If you can believe it, they could not tell me what the current line up of 27" double ovens is.

2. I was promised a call back when they found the data, never happened

3. Their product information page does not work, so you , for example, can't get a cutout diagram--and has been down for at least a week

Instead of facilitating a sale, they drive customers away



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Were it that simple

some ovens on the AJMadison site are not available according to a dealer , even though they continue to show up on Electrolux site.

I was simply making two points

1. Electrolux ought to keep their website updated

2. When you take the time to call, the person who answers
ought to have a list of current product

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Both points true, but good luck finding info on the sites of certain other large appliance manufacturers.

AJM is a dealer. Maybe they have some old stock, maybe your dealer just cannot or doesn't want to get the model.

Sears has the same two 27" double oven models as AJM.

Electrolux also shows those, and only those, two 27" models on their web site. What models were you looking for?

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux double ovens

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