cleaning the stove top

emmaApril 10, 2013

If any of you are still having problems with cleaning the glass tops you might try this. I boiled something over on mine and you should have seen it. I squirted some Palmolive pink liquid dish soap on it, spread it around with my hand and laid a wet wash cloth on it and let it set. It took everything off. Mine was a fresh problem it may not work on older ones, but it's worth a try.

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My glass top stove came brand-new with my house when I bought it 9 years ago, and HATE it. Replacing it is petty and impractical so I suck it up.

In addition to your tried-and-true solution, I keep a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol to combat part of my boil over problem. Alcohol breaks down oils and gummy stuff. For the caked/baked/black persistent stuff, I spray the affected area fairly generously with WD-40 and lay a rag over it. usually I'll leave it for a good while. I'll use the resting rag to wipe off the grime and excess WD-40, then spray rubbing alcohol all over the surface and wipe it down. Removes gunk and residue, and leaves the surface once again food-safe.

May not be for the more organically inclined households, but it's practical and effective for me. My sister swears by magic eraser, especially the "soap scum remover" version.

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I love mine, it came with my new home. If I had to replace it I would buy the same kind. It is truly care free compared to cleaning all the parts on regular stoves.

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two persons above mention spray and cover. I use a cheap windex like spray and cover. Perhaps the cover is a good trick to try.

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My Mom used to use old washcloths and cut up towels as the "covers' when cleaning stuff like this. her favorite trick was to lay a washcloth in her kitchen sink, then pour bleach over. Wait overnight, remove the washcloth and the sink (white porcelain) is sparkling, also santized.

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Jannie, I know that would work on the sink, but using the Clorox worries me. I used Clorox Clean Up with bleach and it ate the finish off of my chrome finishes on the sink drains. I looked in my Garbage disposal and it looks like a rusted mess. It is also leaking very slowly, probably the seals. Before I started using that I sprinkled my sink with comet cleanser dampened, rubbed it to a paste and let it set until it dried. There is bleach in it, but it's not near as much.

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Bleach will mess up some fake chrome, metallic surfaces. 409 will mess up some so called stainless. Better check. Thread started to be about glass topped stoves - ed [The glass topped stoves should be much more consistently resistant to whatever is used for soaking and should require less precautionary testing than do e.g. metallic fixtures.]

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I knew the metal was fake chrome, but I didn't know what else to call it.

I know what it started out to be about cleaning stove tops but as long as it is related to cleaning, I think it is fine. This kind of thing happened in another forum and it was okay. If it is not I am sure someone will report me.

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If I boil anything over and it burns on I use Bon Ami powder cleanser(btw, it's chemical free) to scrub the bits off. The Bon Ami won't scratch. For really bad burned on messes I use a razor blade. You just need to be careful that it is completely flat and be careful not to gouge into the glass.

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Les the dish washing soap and wet cloth did it without any effort.

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There are lot of ways to clean it, now a days list of cleaning powders/Liquids available in the market, but i wana share the way, which one, my mum always use at home. Her favorite trick was to lay a washcloth in her kitchen sink, then pour bleach over and then wait till night, in early morning, she just clean it with cloth or water, its becomes sparkle again

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