American range French double door oven

chefaaaApril 8, 2014

Just wondering if anyone out there has an idea or experience with the American range French door oven?? Electric or gas. I have my own experience and would like to voice my pain but would enjoy feedback first... Sounds odd but I don't want to rant if everyone loves it..

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I'd be interested in hearing your experience. I was in love with these ovens, based on looks and specs, but some negative experiences related here, along with very little detail overall, put me off.

You can do a search and I think I've seen a few more, but the thread I most recall is linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Range French Door Wall Ovens

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And here's another one that details a fairly long installation saga ...

Here is a link that might be useful: American Range wall oven information

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here you go....I promise I am not a mean person and very forgiving but I have heart ached about this problem for the last 6 months. Unfortunately I have been dealing with it for 15 months. One of my hobbies is cooking, and i researched at least one year before i made the decision on wall oven type which turned out being the American range French door deal. Electric. If you have ever looked at it you would think that its the"real deal" Significant amount of money, but what the hey, its what i do and will last forever. The whole kitchen was redone including the oven which i used to own a 5 star. Worked great.. got rid of it because i put a stove top in middle of room and wall oven on, well, the wall... anyway as for aesthetics as i said the oven looks awesome. As for its abilities....... It takes 40 mins to hit 450 degrees. It takes 20 mins to hit 350. very odd. It also porpoises (rises above and below desired temperature) widely (50-70 degrees) making it very difficult to bake precisely. I put in a stand alone temp gauge after making sure it worked and watch the circus start inside the oven. its very difficult to cook breads, pastries and persnickety meats. What a let down with regard to the "Great American Range" company. I would expect this oven to have come from china. I called the company, they seem as nice as can be, but aloof as to the cause. Brad Gilbertson and I have been back and forth maybe10 times about a possible fix.... same answer... well we seem to be getting close. Odd for such a simple oven to be such a problem. I am ok with things that don't work. We live in a universe of chaos. it happens. However the response for the company is what I can't forget. One would think that if the unit was that good because of simplicity and the price was that high you might get at least some help from the company.
Once I asked if they could exchange ovens or i could change to gas.... Mistake..... the sales guy tried to sell me another oven.. thats when I started thinking about blowing the whistle on them. My personal impression is, if a few customers are unhappy.... do whats right with the customer... if everyone is unhappy.. change something with the product.. btw I have bought the Capital Culinarian Rangetop with six burners and a 24 inch grill top. The hood by Modern Air is purchased along with it otherwise your house will be like the inside of a wood stove. That unit together is my favorite stove ever.. Lots of heat lots of eyes everything about it down to the aesthetics is fantastic. I thank Trevor at eurostoves for the help. He knows what he is talking about. Funny thing he told me about his gas american range was that it had a problem too when they installed it.. something with the gas line.
Anyway..I have been forced to grind an ax and the sharp end will be American Range.

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Today Blue Star just came out with an electric wall oven if that helps....I plan on researching the pants off of this baby once people get their hands on it. I'm about to post about it now.

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NO!! I was just about to pull the trigger on this oven :( Like you, I have researched for almost a year.

My top choices:
Thermador PODC302J
Viking VEDO Premiere
AR French Door
Viking French Door (VERY new)

I liked AR because it seemed very straightforward and simple. Not too many bells and whistles that could break.

Back to the drawing board???

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Chefaa, sorry to hear your troubles with your range. You might want to look at the link posted below and
They won't help you fix the problem, but the second article suggests that most ovens they tested varied about 40 degrees from the setting on the dial. The first article is pretty interesting, it suggests that the whole idea of putting degrees on an oven dial is a mistake, and for most cooking, you can get by without that precision.

Here is a link that might be useful: slate

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" Posted by Barryv
The first article is pretty interesting, it suggests that the whole idea of putting degrees on an oven dial is a mistake, and for most cooking, you can get by without that precision."

That depends on what you cook. I have been cooking on all kinds of ovens, camp ovens, stoves from the 1930s, conventional electric, gas and newer computer controlled ovens. In reading Mr Palmer's article it left me wondering if he actually cooks past using the oven to heat a few things.
From the article
"Preheat oven to 350 degrees.â I hate this phrase. First, as George Carlin pointed out, itâÂÂs linguistically absurd�"you donâÂÂt preheat an oven, you heat it. More importantly, however, it gives you a false sense of how much control you have over your oven. ItâÂÂs also plain terrible advice, in many cases."

??? and then complain that the oven is uneven?

He paints ovens with a pretty broad brush. There is a world of difference in ovens and what people cook. He seems to have limited exposure to the variations available. There are ovens that are very even, precise and accurate. If you are heating a casserole in the middle of the oven, it won't matter but if you do a lot of baking and need to fill the oven, you will like a modern oven and appreciate that you can set the oven to 385F if you want to. My oven can be set at 235F and stay within a few degrees of that temp throughout the oven. You will like that trays of pastries can cook evenly with minimal shifting and turning. I did the "vigilant" cooking thing for many years and I love that I can get great repeatable results in my current with minimal tending.

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@wekick What kind of oven do you have?

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I have an Electrolux wall oven and a Wolf DF range. I can't recommend them though. They both work great and bake very evenly and the modes are all very usable. The problem is that they both have blue porcelain chipping.

The Wolf is unusable except in a conventional mode(no convection) and with the food covered. I am looking to replace it but not convinced yet on any other range. When I bought it they told me I would not need an extended warranty because Wolf would stand behind it. They did at one time stand behind appliances out of warranty but they no longer do this even with this known issue. You have to use their people to fix it and they will not give a fixed price only an open ended starting point ($800) and will only warranty the part for one year. With the ongoing issues we decided that would be a waste of money on a 41/2 year old appliance.

The Electrolux came out a little better. We did buy the extended warranty on it(from the same guy that sold us the Wolf). It had the liner replaced and is working well. I won't use the self clean on it any more. It does function almost as well as the Wolf. The cost to replace the liner on it was $525 and a fixed quote. This was through the insurance company and I got the idea it could be done for less if I was paying for it myself. Both repair companies related that they were experienced in replacing these blue oven liners. I am the only one on the forum now who has this issue I believe. Given the way it bakes and the features it has, it might be worth the risk as it did take 41/2 years to develop this issue and I used self clean. Elux has excluded the liner from their extended warranty but you might be able to find a service agreement that would pay for it. Sears also has a Kenmore Elite that is made by Electrolux and has gray enamel. It has dual fans but lacks the lower temp functions. I haven't used it though so don't know if it is as good as my oven.

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