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mhetzelApril 1, 2013

We are planning a complete gut and remodel of our current master bathroom. I have attached a photo of our current plans, but wanted to get an outside perspective. One of my biggest concerns is the access area into the tub as I feel it might be too small. The other concern I have is the shower, one of our biggest complaints is our current small 3x3 corner shower, and we both would like a much larger shower with seat. I think this new shower will be large enough, but i'm not sure.

Now to explain the current plan a little. Where the vanity meats the tub, will be a half wall, about 6" higher then the vanity. All of the exterior walls have to stay, and the entry door needs to stay on the same wall, but can be shifted all the way left or as far right as the start of the water closet. Currently, there is a wall, about 5ft from the left wall, which we are removing (that area used to be a walk in closet. The water closet currently does not exist, and the shower is currently in that corner. The toilet is currently about where the proposed water closet starts. Due to plumbing, the toilet can move anywhere along the outer wall that the door is located on as that's the direction of the floor joists. The tub is not mandatory, but we do currently have a soaking tub in that location underneath the window. We had considered putting the shower where the tub is, but decided against it due to the window.

Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. We had hired a interior designer, but to be honest, she wasn't much help.

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I like the floor plan you have. If you to put a 3 X 5 shower with the 5 ft along the wall with the door and one longer vanity in instead of two vanities you would only have a 3 foot 10 inch foot wide aisle between the shower and vanity.
I like the open arrangement you have now with two sinks and I think the shower sounds great. If you wanted more tub access, perhaps you could cut back the vanity next to the tub by a foot and make the tub ledge extend over to the vanity in that area and use it as a seat to get in and out of the tub. Perhaps your ledge is already big enough to sit on and you could drop your half wall a couple more inches.

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One of the biggest things the wife wants, is separate vanities. Not sure if I should take that personally or not. :P

The previous layout we had come up with prior to this one, had the shower where the toilet is, an L-shaped vanity in the back corner where the shower is and the longer vanity. The water closet was to the left of the door where the small vanity is. In that design, the shower us much larger, and there was a nice small entryway hallway that would add a nice transition space from the bedroom to bathroom, but the overall bathroom was not as open.

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My thoughts were along the same line as Karenseb: put both sinks in the longer vanity section and extend the shower all along the left wall to give yourself a nicely sized shower and keep the tub under the window.

Alternatively I would consider putting the tub on the wall where you currently have the shower located and putting the shower in the section where you have the tub. You could have a slightly narrower tub area and perhaps you could separate the two vanity sinks on the long wall with a small cabinetry tower.

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