a litte bosch integra 500 advice please?

jalsy6April 14, 2012

So we've just put the panel on my new Bosch integrated dishwasher, and it looks great. But last night was the first time I ran it with the panel on, and I noticed that there was condensation dripping down the left hand side onto my cabinets, and ultimately on the floor. I'm assuming this is not supposed to happen, and am trying to figure the problem out. The d/w itself isn't screwed into the side cabinets yet, so I pulled it out a little to try to trouble shoot.

Any ideas about why this might be happening? I didn't think there was any side venting like there is with KA models...so I'm assuming it has something to do with the door panel being applied. Any help would be so appreciated!

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It should not be happening. Suspect the venting is coming around the door seal. Not sure how the panel is attached on the Bosch but I would look for possible improper mounting or a warped panel that is "tweaking" the door. Also over-tensioning or under-tensioning the hinge springs could be responsible. I would go over the panel install procedure, including removing the panel and tensioning screws and running the machine to see if that stops the venting.

Also make sure the machine is level left to right and front to rear. After that, think door seal or a warped door frame.

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I agree with what Mojavean says, It is highly likely your custom panel is warped or it's installation is causing the d/w door to tweak. Take your panel off and lay it on a flat surface to see if it's warpped. Also check when taking out the screws to they come straight out or do they angle when taking them out. Both will cause a door to leak.

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