Increase in water and power?

zagyzebraMarch 15, 2012

I need to assess how much my water and power bills will increase when doing a whole house restoration (down to the studs) with a contractor. For those of you who have gone through this process and tracked costs, how much -- by what percentage -- did your water and power bills increase? With sub-contractors crawling all over the house on a daily basis, from demolition to final carpentry, way more power and water will be used than normal. I'm just not sure how much.

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Water should show a minimal increase, and almost none if you provide a porta-potty (or your GC does).
You will end up paying a lot more than some minor toilet flushing though.

Electric usage is not all that high.
Most power tools are not used for a large time.

Heating and cooling may increase from traffic in and out.

If you are cutting things so tight you are worried about this, you are vary likely to have a very bad remodel.

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Brickeyee - I am not considering utilities because I am cutting things tight, but rather because I am submitting personal out-of-pocket expenses as part of an insurance claim -- expenses that will be paid directly by me and that are not factored into the construction estimate. It is not a remodel, btw. It is a restoration of a historical property badly damaged in a fire. The house will be brought to its studs.

This is why I was asking about additional water and power.

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If no one is living in the house during the renovations then you can likely send the entire water and power bill to your insurance company.

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Laurel - I'm almost 1.5 years into this thing already. The increase in utlities is part of a projected cost going into a legal claim. It's not going to my insurance company, which has settled with me already. It's going to the insurers of the party at fault, BEFORE construction begins.

Once again, does anyone with experience know how much utility bills generally increase during a full-house renovation -- in a house that is being brought down to its studs?

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