Venting a gas dryer

renov8rApril 29, 2014

We have bought a new gas dryer and wondering about venting it. We are renovating and we have studs and only the sub floor down at the moment.
Is it dangerous to vent it into the attached garage. We live in an older home, so there is lots of air circulation in the garage. It would be a direct pipe just on the other side of the dryer through the cement wall.
The other way is to vent it down through the floor, through the crawl space and outside the kitchen. It would mean a bend in the exhaust pipe and it would be very close to the back garden door. I have heard that it will cause a build up of lint when there is a bend in the pipe.
What is the best method?

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If your contractors have pulled all the permits to legally undertake your renovation, you might want to discuss your ideas with them, the building office, and your gas company. Getting it done right (to code) before the building inspector and gas people show up is usually money well spent.

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Venting a gas dryer into an enclosed space like a garage would be like routing the exhaust of your car into your bedroom.

You'll sleep well.

I wouldn't do it.

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My gas dryer is vented down and across through a crawl space - all solid metal good sized duct. No issues with performance. I have access to the elbow for cleaning as needed.

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