Need help with my master bath/closet, too!

Momto3kiddosMarch 13, 2012

We are finishing up our design phase and I am trying to figure out the best configuration for my master bath and closet. The random square in the closet is a safe and the other is a stack w/d. I didn't include windows, but I will use as many as I can fit in there. The exterior wall is on the right. The shower is a doorless walk-in shower and is not marked but should be easy enough to figure out. If you have a bath similar to any of these layouts I would love to see pics. Let me know which one you like best! Thanks in advance.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

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Whatever you do, do not have an in-swing door to your toilet room. It is dangerous. Period.

Is this the location of your only laundry, or is this an accessory laundry?
If the only location, I think I would consider having it accessed via the "office" and or utility closets space as well. At least in the future, if not right away. Or, accessed via the "linen/cleaning closet"

Have you considered putting the closets on either side of a hallway to the bathroom? (I'm not sure yet, what I'd do with your laundry).

Let me sketch this out a few ways and see if I come up with something (knowing about other laundry areas will be helpful though).

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I think kirkhall made a great point about the in-swing door on the toilet room. So option 2 or 3 would probably work better with a out-swing door. A pocket door would be another good option, but it doesn't look like there's room.

Options 2 & 3 both look good. Option 2 would be nice to have the tub/shower share a glass half wall, especially if you are going to put a window over the tub. Option 3 seems like a better, more direct flow to the closet.

Hope this helps! Either way, I am envious of the spacious bathroom & closet!

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Kirkhall - The main laundry is on the other side of the house near the kids bedrooms. We will likely set up for a stack laundry in the master but not use it until much later (planning to be empty nesters one day). I am open to all sorts of arrangements. My husband and I also are considering "shrinking" the master area - especially bedroom. I don't think we need 14x22'. Thanks for taking a look.

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I like the first option for the simple reason the toilet is closest to the master.

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In that case, I like your 3rd arrangement best with this modification:
line up the "end" of your toilet room with the wall to the (laundry) closet, so you can tuck the pocket door for the toilet in that direction. The reason I like this one is you don't have to walk through a person at a sink.
Alternatively, not proposed above, would be to enter the bathroom in the center of long horizontal rectangle (as opposed to the long rectangle of the top one). Have sink on either side of the door. Toilet in one corner, shower in the other, and tub and closet entrance in the middle opposite the entry door. See how that lays out for you.

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I like option 1. We have a pocket door to our water closet and it works really well. I would encourage you to put a small, high window in the water closet. Something 6' off the ground that's about 2' x 2'. Having natural light in there is really nice.

I love my mater suite- but if I could do it all over again, I would have a master wing, with a hallway that has separate entrances to the bedroom, bathroom and closet so that you don't have to go through any one of them to get to another.

Some example of when this would nice include:if DS is having a playdate, DH will lock the the bathroom when he showers. Then I'm locked out of my bathroom/ closet. Or he will lock the bedroom door to nap after being on call and then I'm locked out of the whole suite. He also wakes up around 5:45 and I wake up around 7:30. He walks through the bedroom to get to the closet and bathroom multiple times in the morning and it disturbs my sleep. Again, this is a matter of personal preference, but you could easily do this if you wanted to.

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Is there a reason you want a small vestibule between the laundry and closet? If not, I'd move the closet doors up to where the top sink is, and move that sink down so you have one long vanity. That would do a couple of things: you don't have to walk through much of the bathroom to get to the closet; you have a nice long vanity with 2 sinks, which might give you more flexibility for storage drawer configurations; you can get rid of those little stub walls in the closet area and have longer closet rods (which would be more efficient than losing a few inches to the walls.) However, I'm one of those who prefers not walking through the bathroom to get to the closet, so I have a bias there that you might not have.

The toilet area could perhaps have a narrow pocket or sliding barn-style door.

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I like this new revision too. It fixes the traffic flow problem, and you can put some windows in (one above tub, and one in the toilet room) for some natural light.

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I like the first one, but I'm biased here, because it's very similar to mine. We have a pocket door in the toilet closet, which never gets closed, so we really could have done without the door altogether. We also have the shower and toilet closet flipped because we didn't want the sound of the toilet right next to the bedroom wall.

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I really like chicagoans suggestions, much easier access to both the toilet and the closet, and the sinks together on one one long vanity give the illusion of more space.

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