does anyone actually own a Futuro Futuro hood? prove it!!

carriageApril 13, 2010


seriously, does anyone actually own one? in my tireless quest to find the right hood, i read numerous posts about people WANTING to get one (bc they look good and have relatively high CFMs, are Italian made, and purport to be quiet), but i actually don't know that i read any real posts by anyone who actually HAS one! (well, maybe one... there was someone with a lovely new kitchen with a futuro futuro island hood.) there were a couple posts that sounded, shall i say, a bit suspect. and one that others here claimed was a real fake... so i want to see proof! (and a real review, if possible, of course!) show us what you've got!!

(I decided against a futuro futuro, btw, b/c of this very reason... and also b/c it seems like 940 CFM is a joke given the mere six inch ducts...) but some of those new modern ones are seriously gorgeous!! dying to know the real deal.

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I missed the one that people claimed to be a fake.

Glad you started this thread.

A few months ago I felt that all the posts about this hood manufacturer had been created by one person using aliases, or by a team of two, using aliases. Perhaps they have an interest in manufacturing buzz in order to import more.

At that time, I didn't want to make a thread about my hunch. I have enough fish to fry, so I've no need to speak up and attract the "ire" of some internet person claiming to be both really who they claim to be, and so sincere that it would make me puke.

So, yes, I confirm that the posts about F-F are all bogus. fake, phony, false and fabricated, as far as I can make out.


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I would love more information about Futuro Futuro hoods as well, but I think that your claim that the posts are bogus are well, bogus. Here are links to some past posts about Futuro Futuro. Loves2cook46, Morton5,repurr, and Lisalists2000 all have Futuro Futuro and are happy with them.

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Yikes. I didn't claim the posts were bogus. I just said (or I meant, at least, so I apologize if I wasn't more thoughtful about it) that a lot of the posts regarding them seemed suspect... I did read the Futuro vs. Kobe thread, and that was the one that seemed like it had real owners on it, obviously. But there were a couple of posts/threads that didn't seem so convincing -- like the one where someone signed up, then posted his or her first post--it being an incredibly thorough "informative" post regarding hoods in general--but with a serious bias toward Futuro. Some other posters called the person out on it, and in the end it was unclear, to me at least, whether or not it was real. Ultimately, in my enduring search for the right hood, I ended up feeling like all of the really enthusiastic and technical reviews, especially those done by people specific about having high btu gas ranges, tended to be for hoods made by other brands (like Kobe on the lower end of the price range, and Modernaire and other brands on the other end). That one thread with the positive reviews about Futuros just didn't quite measure up. So I wanted to hear more. I even started a thread or two asking for specific advice/reviews, and I got little or no response... So it makes me curious! The Futuro Futuros seem so great on paper (except for that small duct size...), are gorgeous, have high CFM, are supposedly well-made b/c they are Italian, and are shockingly cheap, comparably. So I just don't see why there aren't more, and more enthusiastic reviews for them. If there are, I want to hear them. And if they accompany pics, well then I (we) can stop being skeptical! (And maybe I'll end up going with one myself...)

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Oops! I was referring to davidro 1's post, not yours. I have been researching Futuro Futuro as well (for the same reasons as you) and have had the same problem of getting responses to specific requests about it. I somehow missed the "informative" post so I can't state one way or the other about its veracity. I think I'll send an email to lisalists2000. In fact, she was the one who told me in a past post that she was going to get another Futuro Futuro. In fact, she has her second Futuro Futuro island hood over her 36" Bluestar. I don't know if she's checking in here these days since I believe her kitchen is done, but I think that she would be a valuable resource. I'll let you know what I hear back. That shouldn't stop anyone else with info on these hoods from posting.

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I have one. It's going on three years now and I really like it. It's VERY efficient. I have made chicken soup simmering overnight and smelly fried fish and my house has absolutely NO smell. QUIET - um no, I wouldn't call it quiet. The low setting is louder than a hum and I can't hear anyone talking to me from more than 10 feet away when it's on, I am hard of hearing so factor that in too.

It's gorgeous though and considering I see it ALL the time and only use it for an hour or so a day, looks vs noise? Well looks won out.

BTW, we use an induction cooktop, high heat searing, some wok cooking and lots of steaming, very little frying.

Ours is an island mount but it's very close to the external wall so the vent outside is very close. Haven't noticed much drawback to the 6" duct. I figure 940 cfm + 6" duct probably makes it equivalent to around 750 cfm functionally.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

I'm posting off my BB so if you want pics you can check out my kitchen on the FKB. There are a FEW pictures of it there LOL

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THanks and wow, loves2cook4six! Nice kitchen. I love the island, how it's not quite an island, in a traditional sense. Very nice!

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Here's what I got back from Lisa. I sent her a follow-up email asking which model she has and about how quiet it is. I haven't received a reply to that one yet. The part about not capturing every wisp confirms what Trevor Lawson at Eurostoves told me when we were talking about island hoods. Because they have a much larger area to cover, even the best models have a tough time capturing everything.

"I'm very happy with my combination. It doesn't capture every wisp, though. If you are going to be doing cajun blackened stuff or other really high heat smokey stuff, you might not be happy. I cook normal family stuff - boil pasta, brown ground beef, hamburgers/pancakes on the griddle, fried chicken, etc. Hope this helps!

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I have a 42" hood over a 36" cooktop and it's between cabinets. I think it does an awesome job of capturing the stuff we generate. We're not line cooks in a fast food restaurant cooking with lots of fat, so it meets our needs fine.

I throw the filters in the DW on the first of every month.

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I donÂt know how you can say anything about a company with which, by your own admittance, you have no experience whatsoever. Personally, all my appliances are made by Miele. But the range hood I chose is Futuro Futuro, or "F-F" if thatÂs more convenient for you, and you know what? Both of those companies products are superb. So yeah, if youÂre really that confident in your statements, please feel free to consider myself as "working" for both companies.

By the way, hereÂs a couple of pictures of MY Futuro hood. (In iPhone quality... BTW, I donÂt represent Apple, either.)

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Very cool kitchen. Everything works really well together. As long as you've posted here, how about some more info about your hood. How quiet? How well does it work? Any other info you think we should know...


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Very cool kitchen. Everything works really well together. As long as you've posted here, how about some more info about your hood. How quiet? How well does it work? Any other info you think we should know...


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To carecooks:

Thank you for your compliments, IÂm very proud of the work I put into this kitchen (took me almost a year, but whoÂs counting?)

Speaking of noise that was the most important aspect for me, since I spend all my time in the kitchen, and the last thing I want is noise right on top of my head.
To reduce noise, we installed a duct silencer, which goes all the way from the hood to the ceiling, where it meets the regular duct, which then goes to my guest bathroom next to the kitchen, and thatÂs where the magic is - in the ceiling of the guest bathroom, we have an access panel which hides the blower from the range hood, which fits perfectly between the ceiling joists. After all the upgrades, the range hood works so quietly that I have to look at the control panel lights to determine if itÂs working or not. I love the fact that I can listen to the news on the TV 2 feet away without turning up the volume. BTW, if you want pictures of the remote blower, IÂll be glad to post them.

The lighting system of this hood also works for me. As you can see in the photo, I have a lot of "strip lights" under cabinets, under soffits, even under the countertop, so the lighting on this particular model fits ideally into my kitchen design.

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Yes, I would like pics of the remote blower if you don't mind. I have a feeling that your solution won't work for me since I have to go straight outside for my island hood (I have a bedroom directly above). But I'd like to see it just in case and maybe your solution will help someone else even if it doesn't help me.

Your style of kitchen wouldn't work in my home which is more traditional but I do appreciate the time and effort that has gone into yours. I feel like I want to pull up one of those chairs and chat and drink some wine while you're cooking. Heck, maybe I'll just pull up my sleeves and help.

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To carecooks:

My ducting also goes up until it hits the joists of the 2nd floor, then makes a 90 degree turn and goes straight between joists to the bathroom (on the left of Picture 1), where it meets the remote blower, which is also located between joists of the bathroom ceiling (Picture 2). The output of the blower continues to go straight to the outside of the house. We used 6-inch round ducting (non flexible). The blower compartment is hidden behind an access panel, painted the same color as the bathroom ceiling (Picture 3). We have a lot of antiqued bronze accents inside that bathroom, so we decided not to try and hide it, but rather to expose it and use a matching antique bronze handle to fit the overall style of the bathroom.

Speaking of chatting around the cooktop, I want to mention that the Thermador induction cooktop is a great solution for kitchens where the cooktop will be situated close to where people will be sitting. No heat, no sticky grease, no open flame, it's convenient and safe. And easy to clean as well. As I've mentioned above, almost all my appliances are made by Miele, except the Fischer-Paykel dishwasher (Miele doesn't make a double), the Thermador cooktop (I don't like the Miele aluminum trim around all their cooktops, and they don't make a "mirror" finish cooktop), and the Futuro Futuro range hood (because Miele doesn't make anything nearly that beautiful).

I can't say I didn't make any mistakes with this kitchen project. I purchased a Sub-Zero Pro48 refrigerator, based on the price (it was the most expensive one, at around $ 15,000), but which turned out to be THE worst engineered fridge I have ever seen. Useless lighting, no shelves on the door for small items, and it was noisy. So I switched it to Miele 36-inch, which in my opinion, has more room than the "Pro 48", due to much better organization and shelving. And the lighting in the Miele fridge is amazing! And price-wise, it cost 1/2 of the Sub-Zero, so the highest price is not always an indicator of the best choice.

OK, here are the pictures.

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Thanks for the pics and the info. I'm still not sure that this will work for my situation since the shortest distance for the duct is away from the bathroom but I'll keep this just in case I need to talk it over with the GC.

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I am hoping to find member "DANDGBB".
Your comments on this thread about Futuro Range Hoods was so informative. I am wanting to buy a Hood from them but I'm on the fence as to which one. Looking at their website most of the hoods have the same cfm and sones. Which model do you have? If there are other members that have a Futuro Futuro wall mounted hood please chime in and let me know if you're happy with your hood.
Much thanks - iwalani

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I'm not dandgbb but I did have a Futuro Futuro in my last house and am about to buy another for this remodel. I had the 36" concord above an induction cooktop and loved it. It was quiet, well priced, worked well and looked good.

This time I think I'm going with the Futuro Futuro 16" Master.

Here is a link that might be useful: Futuro Futuro Concord in my previous kitchen

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