Should kitchen walls be painted before or after cabinet install?

threeapplesMarch 7, 2013

It makes sense to me to have the walls painted first, but I wanted to hear GW thoughts. Thanks.

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Our GC painted walls first, then cabinets, then touch ups if needed.

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Easier to paint before. Uses more paint, but less labor. Less chance of splotches too. On the other hand when I remodelled my old house I didn't paint before. So few areas that needed paint around the cabinets that it wasn't worth it and I painted myself so labor was just my time.

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Our GC primed before texture and then primed with a tinted primer after texture. Final coat didn't go on until after cabinets.

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Whatever your builder figured when s/he bid your project. Either approach can be made to work.

Good luck with your project!

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