Polka Dots, Birds, Butterflies and Bunnies

phonegirlApril 30, 2014

I sat this table last night. After reading Candy's post about
her new bunny couple, reminded me I still had my bunny
couple hiding in the bedroom. I brought them out and
sat them on the buffet. I'm still putting away all my Easter
decor so now they will be put away with the rest for next

I've also been wanting to share the purple polka dot plates
DD bought me. Also my matching little bunny like Jeannes.
Can hardly wait to get out this year and do some ys.

My little rock star wearing DGD's sunglasses that match
the polka dot plates.haha She's also wearing DGD's Reebok

It's beautiful here today. Suppose to hit the 70's. Hope all
of you can get out and enjoy some sunshine. I'm heading
to the office now!


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I think I know somebody else on this forum that is going to love that shade of purple, LOL

The dinner plates with the polka dot plates and the butterflies is fabulous!

You always do so much with the rest of the room too! Just amazing!

Your Rock Star is darling with her coordinating outfit and even a matching sippy cup!!!

No detail escapes you....I am just in awe of your talent!!


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What a Great Table Setting! Just Gorgeous! Love The Polka Dot Plates and the Butterflies!

The Big Brown Rabbits Are to Die For! I am so envious of all of these Rabbits! And I can't find any! GGRR!! LOL

Great Job on all of your Decorating! Love It All!


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Marlene Kindred

Wow!! What an awesome table with all of that purple! Karen is gonna love that one. Love your big bunnies too~

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Wow Punk...pretty table with the purple P/D plates and Butterflies.
TJ looks adorable...I can't believe how big she's growing...and wearing your DGSs outfit...! LOL
Love your new Brown Rabibits (my fav).. glad you had a chance to display them. I'm with Creek and have Rabbit envy! Lol
Thanks for bringing a smile to my day!

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Oh wow, punk ...I am loving the purples & lavendars!!! Those polka dotted purple plates are party pleasures....I can't think of a 'p' word for gorgeous! & the the touch of the butterflies is perfect! & the matching stem ware, too!

Love that ivy & purple & white blooms in your centerpc ... looks so 'pretty' ... ohhh, there's a 'p' word for gorgeous! LOL! Now if only the 'lilacs' were blooming!!

A rock star is born! She is so cute in this outfit with the glasses & yes, the purple sippy cup & looks like a delicious treat!

Your china cabinet/hutch compliments your t'scape so much with those big lavendar/purple dinner plates contrasted w/white plates. Love! Love!

Those bunnies are so darn cute ... the one on the table & the 2 'biggies' standing on your hutch/buffet. Everything looks so cheery ...I put away my Easter & have not got the porch decor done yet for summer. So I am thrilled to see this purple paradise of yours, punk! ~~hugs, Jeanne S.

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Candy, Creek, Marlene, Jane and Jeanne, thanks so much
for all your sweet comments. I've had the large brown rabbits.
They sit in the bedroom on the entertainment center. I'll share
a picture of them on one of my ts I set when I bought them.
Does this setting look familiar? I'm thinking I found them
@ TJ Maxx around Easter time.

TJ's sippy cup is also one of DGD's. I still have several of
her old cups in the cupboard I use when little ones come
to visit. I have a matching spoon but didn't take the time to
go dig through her toy box.

You ladies make it so fun to decorate! All of your wonderful
comments keep me inspired to shop and decorate. I spent
the evening with DSis. She sent me home with several of
her treasures to use for Mothers Day decorating. If it keeps
raining today I may get busy and DECORATE.haha

Thanks again, Punk

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What a Beautiful Table Setting! I Love Everything about it!
The Bird Cage, The Birds, The Rabbits, The Place Settings Are Gorgeous! The Plates and Silver Ware! Oh, and The Candle Sticks! The Stem Ware! What a Fabulous Setting!

You Folks are so good at Decorating! You would think After I had looked at so much Beauty, It would Rub off on me! Guess, I just don't have your talents!
You all are THE BEST!!

I have been in many groups and on a lot of sites, but, they still do not compare to you Folks here!!

Another Well Done Job!! Punk!!!

Love To You and Everyone,


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Awww...I remember that table & those bunnies now! Just lovely ... I

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Love your purple table Punk.
The polka dot plates with the butterflies on top are the best.
I'm always on the lookout for lavender dishes but the ones I find are too dark.
Your little rock star looks fab in the sunglasses!
I always look forward to seeing her.
Your china cabinet looks so pretty with the lavender and white dishes and the bunnies. I'm another big fan of bunnies.
The tall brown ones on the buffet are so stately I love them.This table is so cheerful. It's so nice to see the colors of spring here after the looong winter.
I remember that table you did with green and brown, I loved it the first time and I love it now.

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I think I just "o.d.ed" on purple.....or I've died and gone to Heaven. LOL. WOW, Punk!!
That huge flower arrangement is fantastic! Really, really fantastic! Love it.
And of course you've given me a case of the bunny envy too with the brother to Jeanne's, and the BIG brown pair!! All those are just wonderful.
(funny little story for you....I got to go antiquing two wks ago with a couple of friends, and soon as we hit the door they said something about "bunny hunting" for me. I said NO, and NO! I did not need or want any more bunnies. (I have quite a few I need to rehome, small ones.) So we're wandering around, in different directions at times, and darn, wouldn't you know all of them noticed a bunny in my cart!! Yep, found one that said he had to come home with me. I just never listen!!

Oh, TJ is one cute lil Rock Star. :o) And I really like the last photo with the green and browns. Very pretty.
hugs, Karen

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