Anyone have the Culinarian with new simmer burner?

zeebeeApril 5, 2013

I was in the appliance store yesterday and my salesguy said all orders are now being shipped with the new simmer burner. He says the left rear burner is the simmer one, and the ends of the eight burner prongs (is that the word?) come closer together in the center of the burner, so the cook can use a pot/pan with a smaller circumference and not worry about it slipping through or wobbling.

So has anyone seen it in the store, or do you have one in your house?

BTW, he also said the new dual fuel Connoisseurian is on schedule for a first shipping in June.

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I have the new burner on one of the ranges in the store, see pictures below, the comment about the grate changing is wrong, no changes will be made nor are they necessary, the pan on this burner is only 3 3/4" base width. As you can see even on full the flame does not lip the sides due to the angle of the drill holes.

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This picture shows the burner on low.

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Thanks, Trevor. Looks good!

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I ordered my Culi rangetop the first week of January under the impression I would have a simmer burner. It arrived last week (April) and low and behold no simmer burner. My local appliance guy said they would send out a service guy to replace it whenever I want.... Just a new burner head or do they need to do a jet/valve replacement too?

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