Cleaning 50+ year old pine tongue and groove

pupwhippedApril 11, 2009

We bought a lake home that has this 50+ year old tongue and groove pine wood. We have been remodeling different areas (kitchen, bath) of the house and now need to clean every square inch of this wood. What product would you suggest using to clean the pine? I've seen stuff on QVC like Rejuvenation and some other product I can't remember the name of. They make it look good! Course, there's always the Murphy's Oil Soap I like. I really just want to get all the sheet rock dust off, remove 50+ years of grime, and give the wood some moisture...give it some lovin that I'm sure it hasn't had in decades. I really don't want a real shiny look...not into shiny. Also, I'm only gonna do this once, so I want to make sure I get it right the first time.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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I would dust it well and then use mineral spirits which will remove all greasy grime and won't cloud the finish.
Then finish up with a very VERY light coating of paste wax.....carefully you don't want to get wax into the grooves....just on the surface.
Linda C

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Thanks Linda. Mineral spirits, huh? Never used that...I am definitely not into cleaning. I'm sure that's apparent. HA! Got alot of this wood to do. Maybe I will learn to love cleaning by the time it's over.


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I personally prefer old wood.

I would ask some wood care people in addition to cleaning people.

At Home Forums gardenweb has some forums where one might inquire.

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Thanks. I've now posted my question on the Woodworking forum. Maybe I will get a different perspective there.


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I have kotty pine tounge and grove in my family room it was here 30 years ago when we bought. We smoke, and I just recently cleaned the room, using a mixture of 1/4 C. Murphys oil soap to a quart of water. I heated it to fairly hot, and put it in a spray bottle, sprayed an area at a time, and then rinsed down with a pail of murphys oil water ( 1/4 C to a gallon) usng a microfiber cloth, and that cloth was Yellow every time. I could feel the drag of the dirt comming off, then with rinsing, it would be real smooth. I did have to keep cleaning the rag with degreasser with every new bucket of rinse soultion. The room looked great when I was finished. It was some work, but well worth it.

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If you are going to try the paste was after the cleaning, I'll give you a tip I used when growing up. We had 4 types of hardwood and 3 were tongue and groove. Take an old pair of panyhose, cut off the foot, and place a tablespoon of the paste wax in it, heat it with your hand, and this will keep the wax out of the grooves. Keep turning the sock so that the side against your hand is the warmest side. The more pressure you apply the thicker the coat and the less pressure, the thinner. It's just a thought.

Good Luck!


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