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saw50st8April 24, 2012

The room is 77" by 126". It currently houses a dresser and closet. We are moving the dresser and closet to another part of the master bedroom to make room for a bathroom.

We are looking to place:

Vanity with a single sink (we don�t need a double sink)


Jetted tub (shower optional, but if you have a good layout with a shower, awesome!)

Structural options:

The existing opening can be moved anywhere along that wall and can be any functional size.

We would like to keep the windows, but can change or shrink them if necessary for a great layout

We are running new plumbing so no restrictions on layout that way.

The ceiling is not very high (under 8�) and has a cove along the walls. We are not changing that, but can consider some funky tiling options of cove walls.

Here are two layouts I came up with. Please critique and add your own versions. For layout 1, I made 2 different mockups of the sink wall. We would either have a smaller sink area with more storage or a larger sink with less storage. Please weigh in on that too. My husband prefers option #2 because the toilet is closer to the entrance. Master Bathroom\

For some strange reason I can't link directly to the picture? If you click on the above, it will take you to the layout pictures.

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Check out my post on my bathroom remodel. It's a very similar bathroom size/layout with windows across from the entrance on the long sides of the room. My room is approximately 155"x91", so it's a bit larger but you can get an idea of how it was and how it now is.

My post is called "Just finished..."

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Annie Deighnaugh

I prefer #1 if only because you have space to operate and leave stuff around the sink. I don't like a sink shoved into a corner. Also, I'm not a fan of the first thing you see when you open the door being a pot. I prefer them behind a door or as in our bath, behind the shower so it's the last thing you see.

We're shower people so we chose to put a large walk in shower in our master bath with a seat and a steam unit and a separate hand held. We put the air jet tub in another bath. Everyone I talked to told me they only use their tub a couple of times a year at most, but use their shower all the time.

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Thanks for the advice so far.

I would use the tub weekly (I use my tub now and its a non-deep tub).

We would still have a shower head over the bath to shower with.

I thought of another option. If we create a glass wall in front of the bathtub and wall length, creating a free standing shower (the X area):
From Master Bathroom

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I think I'd take your most recent design, make the shower smaller (you don't need it that big); and swap the toilet and tub.

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If your a tub user, I would opt for the first design but install double sinks.

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Debbi Branka

Love the last design with shower and tub because I don't like a shower as part of my tub, but in studying that picture, how do you get into the tub? I would make that nice shower all glass, but then there would be glass up next to the tub and the only entry into the tub would be from the end, right? That doesn't seem too functional - you couldn't reach the faucet without standing in the tub.

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lukkiirish, why a double sink? we really don't need one.

deb, I would put a glass door covering the shower and the end of the bath. The bath would be in the shower so to speak.

At the moment, I'm leaning towards #2.

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Double sinks give each person some space to do their own thing, makes it easier for the space to be used by two at the same time. It also helps with resale if that's in your plans sometime in the future.

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Have you considered anything like this?

Without exact dimensions and knowing what kind of tub unit you were going to use, I just used copy and paste mostly. The vanity area joining the tub would depend on if you needed a wall there for the tub, etc. Could be open, could be a cabinet - many on here will put a plug in a cabinet kind of like an appliance garage so they can keep their vanity area clear. You might could do something like that with some additional storage above.

I am a bath user myself, and only use the shower when I am in a hurry or when I am extremely filthy. I don't see any reason to try to fit two sinks in a bathroom this size. Sure, in a large bathroom where two people might be in it at the same time, it makes sense, but in this space, I don't think you need it. However, in the drawing I created, someone could come in later and add another sink under the window.

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Thats intriguing!

We are using a 5' tub.

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Will it be a freestanding tub, have a full wall at the end, have a half wall? All those would factor into how much room you would have at the end.

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The wall is 6.5'. So I was going to do a deck with a tub and have a nice shelf area for shampoo and stuff.

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Well, looks like I lost my earlier reply, but here were some inspiration pics.

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Oops, messed up on that URL.

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Well, it looks good in the preview, but not after submit.

Another try;

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Those look excellent! Thank you.

Perfect for inspiration layouts.

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Thank you for all your help so far. After consulting with our plumber and contractor, we chose layout 1 with the bathtub and toilet flipped. The layout we are using is attached below (I forgot how to attach in the post).

My inspiration for the sink area is

we won't be doing something so heavy at the top - probably just some nice crown molding. I'm not sure what to do under the sink - put in pullout shelves? regular shelves?

What dimensions would you make the drawers and sink base? I drew it symmetrical so that the medicine cabinet area mirrors the drawers below. Does it need to?

The only appliances we really use are a water pick, which we will likely leave on the counter plugged it. My husband's shaver will probably go in the shallow cabinets on the counter and we will wire it so he can keep it plugged in. What depth should those cabinets be?

We really don't need a double sink. My husband and I don't primp very much, so its basically brush teeth, hair and move on. I don't use makeup really at all.

I would like to store towels and whatnot under the sink and was thinking of putting a pullout shelf in there and make sure it works around the plumbing.

Where would I hang towels to dry in the bathroom? The only spot I thought of was between the tub and toilet, but there won't be much room. Enough for a towel bar I think though.

Also, I would like to put a narrow pullout at the end of the tub area to store extra shampoo (like beaglesdoitbetter did in her bathroom). I would have it end rather low (to meet the top of the bathtub) so that we can buy an alcove bathtub and also have a spot to rest a book or whatnot. I would like a glass near the edge and then use a folding glass door for the shower/bath (if that's clear?)

I'm also unsure of where to tile. Originally I thought I would tile the whole bathroom, but I have really expensive taste, so I was hoping not to. But I think with this layout, I will have to tile everything but the vanity wall.

Thank you for your help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bathroom Layout

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I like both the latest one you posted and the one by aa62579.... toss up.

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The plumber nixed the one by aa62579. He said he won't be able to get a proper slope on the toilet drain and still be able to hid it in the ceiling below. I loved that one too.

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