Enduring: question about your LCD lights

rjr220April 20, 2013

Enduring -- Oops, the title should read LED lights!

As I commented on you reveal post, I love the entire package, but the backlit mirror is something my husband and I are trying to pull off. We are using mirrors with frosted edges to do something a little like this:

Modern Bathroom by Phoenix Architect Spry Architecture

But like you, am going with an oval mirror that will be light all the way around. You mentioned that the light was quite bright before putting the mirror up, but that the mirror itself blocks the light. Can you tell me the specifics on the type of LED strips you used, lumens per foot, etc? I'm hoping to get enough light so that without scones the mirrors will be functional. ( Will also have can lights).


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I have a frame around my mirror that is blocking the light. You can see it in this picture.

The mirror is recessed into the metal frame. A situation that I had not thought of when I bought the mirror. Love the mirror. I get just enough light for the night lighting that I was aiming for, but was hoping for more, so I could use the dimmer for more variation of lighting. Another issue I wonder about is the mirror glass itself. Mine is resting on the waterproof (silicone?) encased LED light strip. I wonder if the silvering will be effected over time? So I think I want to work it up some more. (did do more work today on it, see below)

My attempt at a solution is to add cork sticky pads on the disk to try and lift the mirror away from the LED strip. Today I took this opportunity to add more cork, while I had the mirror off taking these pictures. I also added a sheet of 100% cotton vellum to the back of the mirror as a lining to protect the mirror silver from my "stuff" on the wall. Didn't take a picture of the vellum though.

Regarding your situation. If the edges are frosted and allow light through, you might be able to get side lighted LED strips, in high lumens, and mount it to a disk and then mount the mirror to the disk. The light would then shine straight out the front perpendicular to the wall instead of parallel like mine do.

I think the key for using LED for lighting a vanity mirror will be lumens and light color rendering. If you will be putting on makeup you need to look good under the lighting. You also need BRIGHT for makeup and shaving. I currently have 2 incandescent sconces at my mirror, each 100watts. I would not go less than that. If LED can achieve that level of lighting would be my question. I haven't looked into that aspect of LED.

Elemental LED is the source for my strip lighting. I got the regular waterproof strip and 24" to surround my oval disk, and a strip under my vanity shelf. I know they have the side emitting LEDs. My disk is rather small, sized to wrap the 24" around. It would be best if I could lift my mirror a bit more from the wall, away from the disk, to get the light to shine out from behind the frame. Also my disk is just a smidgen thinner than the LED strip so that is why the mirror is resting on the strip instead of the disk. But the issue of the frame would still be blocking the light from radiating out word as much as I had hoped.

I hope this makes sense as I wrote this over and hour or 2 time frame with multiple interruptions :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Elemental LED

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I am posting again rather than editing my above post because it looks like I will break my links to the pictures I posted. It happened to me when I edited my reveal thread.

I wanted to say thank you Rjr220, for your kind words. And to tell you I think your inspiration picture is very nice. I like the room a lot. Best of luck with this project and keep us all posted :)

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It's VERY helpful! I appreciate the picture with the mirror off and a view of the disk below. I am waiting for an oval mirror from Home Depot to arrive --


hopefully it will fit what we need. It sounds like the disc behind the mirror needs to be a bit thicker than yours to let the light really shine out from around it.

Thanks for your time, I know you are busy testing out that new toilet seat : ) and on other projects!

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Yeah, DS is busy tearing out the second bathroom as I write - I feel a little guilty writing. But, I am not the one who stayed out to all hours celebrating a 22nd BD :) He's being a good sport though.

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for those looking to install LED lighting behind a mirror... some mirrors are designed with stand-offs integral to their mounting system that keeps them raised and away from the wall. This allows the light to "escape" and leaves room behind to mount the LED strip directly to the wall. I'll be choosing between two I have, one from the Ikea Godmorgon line (rectangle) and the other a Whitehaus (oval) - in other words, you can find them in different shapes and at all price points!

If purchasing on-line the picture often doesn't reveal the mounting system so read the description carefully, check the specification/installation PDF or call the vendor... I found quite a number with the stand-offs probably because the LED lighting is a popular look these days. Luckily my mirrors look good on their own for when the LEDs go out of favor!

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Mmcf, thanks so much for the helpful information. Yes this look will probably change over time. I wanted the night lighting so thought this would be a good way to go in my small bath. I love night lights but don't like to have the plug in type. My mirror will stand on its own any where in my house. I bought it with that in mind as I didn't know if I could make this work. I am content. But I will have a different way of getting night lighting in my next bathroom. I think I will have a 24" strip of under cabinet LED under the upper cabinet, over the vanity, like in a kitchen.

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I really like several of the Keuco mirror cabinets with integral lights. Lots of interesting, off-the-beaten path styles, some with LEDs.

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I love that cabinet/mirror -- but the price is just as phenomenal!

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That is a beautiful mirror. The only down side besides the price :) is that it has a 60 watt bulb for the illumination. I need at least 200watts for makeup. My sconces have total 200watts and I wouldn't want any less.

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Whoops - Enduring, I sure hope I didn't come across as implying your mirror wouldn't stand on it's own without the LEDs because quite the opposite, I love it! The shape and frame are classic and timeless, and would complement my own mid-century/industrial decor as well as it does your lovely bathroom. My intention was only to offer an alternative to those of us who need to buy "off the shelf" because we lack your skills and abilities in bringing ideas to life.

I'm going all out on the LEDs, fad or not... I can't wait to get into the wall behind the vanity to see if its feasible to make a vanity wide niche between the counter and mirror, which would be lit by an LED strip from the top (the vent stack might be in the way.) And I'll have an LED strip under the floating vanity as well!

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Oh Mmcf, I didn't take any offense. I re-read your post and I am sorry you felt like you might have offended me. Cause you didn't in the least. And I see no where in your post that suggest it either. And thanks for liking my mirror :) Your point of mirrors is well taken. I for one need to purchase for the long haul so this classic mirror was chosen to go in this bathroom but with a backup plan to go in the living room if it didn't work out.

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