Haan VS Shark VS Hoover hard floor cleaner shootout

drusterApril 20, 2009

I puchased both the Haan and Shark steam mops yesterday cleaned all 900 sq. ft of hardwood in my home with both independantly. Went thru 5 new pads with both. Both left a nasty sticky whitish residue once dry. In short they were cleaned horribly. I took both back and purchased the Hoover Hard Floor Cleaner model 3044. I have re-cleaned 2 of my rooms with it and the water in the waste container is just nasty black and disgusting meaning it's doing it's job and the others did not. If you want clean floors buy the Hoover. The clean water tank is not huge but the job it does is amazing and worth any amount of refilling you may need to do. It has a dry vacuum to use first, then you switch to wash mode and then it has a wet pickup mode to remove the dirty/excess water. It also comes with a bottle of floor and grout cleaner as well as a grout cleaning head. Have not tried the Grout cleaner as of yet.


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I had a Hoover hard floor cleaner that stopped working after only two uses. I threw it away. A $175 loss!

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Dru- I love my Hoover Floormate! This is my second and only because I purchased the first from a yard sale and had no instructions and ruined it with Pine-Sol (it took me many months to ruin it though)

I have had this one for well over a year and it still works great. I tried the Scooba floor cleaner and talk about a piece of junk!

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I'm really wondering why #1 you would purchase two steam mops to compare? And why you would go to so much trouble on your first day of registration to talk about the Hoover whatever floor cleaner?

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All I can say is that I have the Shark Steam Mop and 3000 feet of oak hardwood floors. The first time I used it, there was so much residue from other cleaning products that it took five complete floor cleanings before all the stuff came up and I had satiny feeling, perfectly clean floors.

If you only did it once, and only used 5 pads for the whole thing, then I think you probably didn't actually finish cleaning whatever build up was there. I use 3 pads just doing the kitchen...and that is after I'd been using the steam mop for a while.

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