spring cleaning

nanalynApril 6, 2014

Hi, I just joined. But I have been reading all along So I would like to get some answers about cleaning the top of my cupboards.you know that greasy greasy messy sticky stuff up there. It's so hard to get off Thanks

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This has come up before.....after you have cleaned the top of your cupboards.....line them with waxed paper,which will not be seen because it lays flat. When the wax paper gets greasy greasy messy sticky, throw it away and put up fresh waxed paper. You can use alumbinum foil also but wax paper is less expensive.

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You said on the top of your cabinets, not inside right? Mine would be almost impossible to clean because it has not been finished up there. It is just rough and porous wood because it can't be seen.

I don't have that kind of accumulations since I bought an electric stove. When you buy a new stove you might consider that.

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No problem here, cabinets reach the ceiling. People whine about needing space, why leave a wasted open space above the cabinets?

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409! I have never found anything that cuts the grease better. I use an old scrubby sponge to get the worst of it and then finish off with paper towels.

And I LOVE the idea about the waxed paper.
By the way...cooking with lower temperatures will also help to keep the 'grease from rising' :)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Since it is on the top and will never be seen, you could even use newspaper folded to the correct size. Very inexpensive and easy to work with.

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Thanks for the impute I well try 490 and wax paper. Then again it may be news paper.

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