What are the best shower hinges out there?

enduringApril 9, 2014

What shower hinges are the best for installing 30" doors that will be in a french door configuration? I want two doors to swing in and out for my 60" entry to the shower. I have seen Agalite brand that will do this, they are in a glass shop that get a lot of business referrals. They are super nice to talk with. But I was told that the hinges are steel with an anodized finish. To me steel and moisture just don't sound right. There is a 5 year warranty on the hinges but I would think a lifetime warranty would be more likely. I also would think that a brass hinge with finish would be more appropriate for a shower.

Another shop that I visited a few weeks ago that sells cardinal, weren't as helpful with what I want, though very nice too, and a local glass shop.

I still have to visit a shop in Ames to see what they can help me with, hope to see them tomorrow.

Please advise :)

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CR Laurence is the best that I am familiar with. Solid Brass with your chosen finish on it.Not sure on the warranty but it should be on their website. Most better glass shops all use CRL or US Horizon which is owned by CRL

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Thanks Millworkman, I am on the CL Laurence website as we post.

I went to a small shop in Ames, Iowa and am going to get a few quotes for a set of 30" doors 80" tall to put on my alcove shower. I want to be able to have a wide opening for 2 people to manage transferring into the shower if ever that needs to happen. He showed me a couple of options, The Prima Series "L" bracket, and the Pinnacle (extra heavy version?) But on the website I see the Geneva which is the style I want.

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The ones that the manufacturer recommends with their product.

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I got 2 quotes and they are way different, for the same product.

I called the Agalite company (my first bid) and they said that the hinges in their "Estate" line are CL Laurance, just like the second place that gave me a bid. The difference is about $600 for the same product. I didn't expect that much difference in price.

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