Toaster oven cleaning...

krissie55April 19, 2011

My house cleaner is upset because I asked her to not use a feather duster (same one used to dust furniture) to brush crumbs out of the toaster oven. She brushes crumbs onto the floor.

Am I expecting too much, are my standards too high, am I being too critical, should I turn a blind eye to the way things are done? Am I being too picky?

I shudder at the thought of household germs being introduced inside the toaster oven where food will be. Using a dry rag (used elsewhere) to wipe out toaster oven after using the feather duster does not calm my fears about germs.

Your opinions please.

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You're right.
Where oh where has that feather duster been?
Do you have pets? Is it her duster, being used throughout someone else's home?

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No, I do not have pets, but, other clients do. The feather duster is the house cleaner's and used in other homes.

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Another reason why I wouldn't have a professional cleaner in my house. Nobody cleans up to my standards. HA HA.

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I think I would save the toaster oven cleaning for myself.

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