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nana2010_gwApril 19, 2014

I attended a wedding in the fall that had a photo booth.
Some of the things they used were boas.,hats and funny glasses and some signs
Hope this helps.

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OA hope you get to see this soon

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Hi Nana,

Thanks for your input. I've only seen wedding photo booth set-ups online, so I am wondering if it is as much fun as the write-ups I've seen are claiming.

Were people actually using the photo booth? I have some boas from my grandchildren's dress up box and a number of hats too, although some are seasonal and wouldn't work for a wedding. I am trying to make some white board speech bubbles, a frame that resembles the old, red Etch-A-Sketch toy, and a few mustaches and lips.

Tell me, did the photo booth people have a scrapbook for the wedding couple set up??

Is there anything that bugged you about the way the people ran the booth?

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OA, yes people did use the booth and loved it.
There was a scrapbook and guests were encouraged to sign it.
I think the people who ran it did a good job.
When things slowed down someone from the wedding party went to tables and encouraged guests to have their picture taken.
It was a fun new experience for me. And a lighthearted way for the couple to remember their wedding day.

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We went to a wedding last fall where they had a photo booth and it was a blast! On the table next to the booth there was a scrapbook for people to glue their pictures and leave a brief comment. Two sets of the pics were printed so you could take one home.

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OK. I'm feeling better about this now. So far, it has been a lot of work just to settle on a design. You'd think making a rectangular space would be easy, right?

I'm making it out of PVC so it will break down, I can fit it into my sedan, lug it through the parking lot, and assemble it without help. It has been slow going, trying out possible designs and trying to figure out how to safely light the area without blinding the users or spending a fortune on lights. I'm still at a standstill concerning the lighting. I'm only using a webcam, so I need light on my subjects.

In addition, I ordered the fabric for the sides online to save money and, of course, chose free shipping - which turned out to be shipping by stagecoach. Or maybe they are just having a bunch of relay runners bring it to me. I'm not quite sure.

Actually, I shouldn't complain. It's really been a blessing in disguise, as I've changed the way I'm going to attach the fabric about forty-eleven times in my head.

Well, as you can see, I am consumed with getting this right for my friend's daughter's wedding. I do appreciate any suggestions (even the smallest idea) you can offer.

P.S. Had my second blood test on Monday, and all is OK so far.

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Is there actually a "booth" or do you have to make it? I went to a fair last year that had props and large, empty gold frames people could hold up the frames around themselves and friends could snap pics. It was pretty cute. Just out in the open, no "booth".

With these days of instant pics online and pretty sophisticated phone cameras, is a booth really necessary? Perhaps offer a way to upload pics to a special site for the newlyweds to peruse after the wedding?

Also, just my .02 but important, I think...Maybe a sign requesting that photos be withheld from Facebook and other social networking sites until a time after the wedding so that the bride and groom are first to see? I have heard people request that and i think it's a good idea. At the very least to postpone pics of the bride and groom so they are able to pick and choose. Just an idea...

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OA, I'm so glad your blood test showed good results.

Still remembering you in my prayers.

I'm sure the photo booth will be just fine!!!

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out..


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Nana, thanks for the uplifting note. I am finding it easy to forget that I was once sick, but each time I go for a blood test, I get nervous. Do continue to think of me from time to time and say a quick prayer.

Sameboat, thank you so much for chiming in.

To answer your first question, yes, it will be a booth. Users will get that old time photo booth experience: squeeze in with your Significant Other or BFFs and have some silly head shots taken.

I'm putting an old piano bench inside the booth. There will be space back of the bench for those who want to stand behind, but mostly it's meant for one to three people.

Of course, unlike the open air one you described, the number of people that can fit in a booth is limited. Nor does a booth allow for an infinite number of poses. I'm just going to try and rely on a few props to perk things up.

I'll be visiting the Goodwill Shops for some picture frames. IKEA offers a great mirror with a wonderfully intricate frame, but it's $40. Maybe they'll have a sale.
I did see an idea (used for a Toy Story themed birthday party) were a cardboard Etch-A-Sketch frame was used in an open air photo booth. Darling! I may offer one with the couple's name and the date written at the bottom.

Your point about access to the photographs is well taken. I have software (amazingly, only $59) that uploads the pictures to all the social media sites, but I am only having the pics sent to a folder in my private Photobucket Account for review at a later date.
There is another feature that immediately sends the picture to any email address that the users type in. I was considering doing this until I read your post. Not anymore. And, it's one less thing for me to worry about too.

The users press and button when they're ready and the computer (Please, Lord, let it all work well the day of the wedding.) takes the four poses, sends them to the printer, and a double strip of photos is printed on the spot. The users take one strip home with them and the second is pasted into a scrapbook where the users write a short note to the couple - just like blizlady described in her post above.

I will be the photo booth attendant, making prop suggestions and refilling the printer's paper feed.

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OA, so happy to hear you had good blood test results!
Keeping you in my prayers. I'm so excited to see more
of your photo booth. I've never seen this at a wedding
but sounds like alot of fun with so many memories for all.


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I see now! Like they have at malls or carnivals. Oh how fun - and instant! I think it will be cool.

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