Anyone have experience with Miele Microwave?

sarendsApril 23, 2012

We are looking at Miele Microwave - M8260-1

Does anyone have experience with this unit?

We plan to place it over the top of a Miele Speed oven


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you already have a MW in the speed oven. I have the speed oven and it works great as a MW and convection

If you have the space get a steam oven or built in coffee

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I have read pretty exrensively on the Miele Speed Oven - totally sold on it. However, we are a family with 5 kids and we CANNOT EVER be caught without a microwave - after all we are Americans! (grin)

If we are using the speed oven as an oven, then we don't have a microwave. Plus, even when the speed oven has recently finished being an oven, the interior is still hot (because it was just recently an oven) and is not very safe for kiddos to use (or maybe even me). So, our family needs a dedicated microwave!

And, we want it to look good sitting on the same wall as the Miele Speed Oven, hence my question, "does anyone have experience with the Miele Microwave?"


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We have had one for about a year now and "like" it. It does its job. We decided on this one because of the Miele Built in Coffee Maker that sits above it. The only thing it cannot do is make popcorn to save its life. I have tried anything and everything and it is mediocre at best. My $20 garage sale special does a much better job. If anyone figures it out "Let me know"!! Popcorn aside it is fine.


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To solve the problem of a hot interior from cooking followed by MW in the speed oven, I bought a silicone mat. I put that on top of the hot tray to protect a cold, microwaving dish. No problems so far. It's a bit awkward, but do-able.

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