American Range wall oven broiler 7, 2013

We recently installed an American Range wall oven. The oven works beautifully, but the broiler is scary! It starts up (from a cold start) almost explosively, with the flame extending across the entire top of the oven, creating a whoosh sound, followed by a fair amount of gas coming out of the top vent.

Needless to say I was very alarmed by this and contacted American Range. They authorized a service call and the technicians who looked at the oven also thought something was wrong. (They speculated that American Range may have installed an orifice for liquid propane, which is slightly larger than the orifice used for natural gas). They also described the startup as a small explosion.

When they called the manufacturer to discuss the situation, American Range told them this was normal! I was very surprised to hear this, particularly when I initially described the problem to them, they authorized a repair visit.

American Range said that climate and temperature may have something to do with how the broiler starts, which may explain things a bit since I live in the northeast. But still the way the broiler starts us does not seem safe.

Has anyone else experienced the same with their broiler? I would be very curious to know one way or the other. I am also planning to videotape the broiler start and post that shortly.

On a happier note, we installed a Blue Star 30" cooktop about two years ago, and it is amazing!

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We have one in the cooking school with exactly the same problem, working on a fix now.

It is not normal nor is it acceptable, have American Range fix it or remove it.

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Thank you very much for your post. I created a video of broiler start up and posted it on YouTube (see the link below). I wrote to American Range and sent them a link to the video. Here is the response they sent this morning:

After reviewing the video I am certain that there is definitively an issue the broiler should not be igniting in that manner. I have setup service authorization with Lens Appliance, I have also sent out a couple of possible parts which I believe can be the cause of this. Lens should be receiving the parts on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest and they will contact you for scheduling once they have the parts.

Thank you,
Technical Support, American Range
(888) 753-9898
FAX: 818-897-1670

So hopefully this will be resolved soon!

Here is a link that might be useful: explosive broiler startup

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Mine does not do that. We installed it a week ago. My lower electric oven doesn't work at all. (top oven is gas)

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It took 4 visits from the repair service, but the broiler is now repaired. After posting the scary broiler startup on YouTube, American Range acknowledged there was a problem. On the repair service's second visit, they replaced some parts, but to no avail. They came a third time to test the gas pressure (which was fine). Unfortunately, they also caused a small gas leak, which was not repaired until the fourth visit, 3 weeks later. On their final visit, they replaced another part---the broiler screen---which turned out to be the faulty part. The technicians and I puzzled over how this part could have caused the problem because it appears non-mechanical and is essentially a metal box with a screen attached. In any case, the broiler is now fixed---along with the gas leak.

The inconvenience of multiple repair visits (not to mention the gas leak), has made me a little less enamored by my American Range wall oven, but I am sure that in time any regrets will dissipate. It is a beautiful appliance.

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I agree. I know they have to test these ovens. My lower electric oven doesn't work. How can a brand new oven come from the factory not working? I still have not heard from American Range about when they will send a repairman.

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