Faux Marble Bathroom Tiles

BirchPointApril 6, 2014

I am building in an area with limited shopping resources. I have access to high end designers and the big box stores. Yesterday I saw at Lowes an American Olean Mooreland Carrara Wall Tile that seemed to blend well with the real marble accent tiles they stock. I plan on having real carrara countertops, grey floor tile, a faux marble in the shower, and white cabinetry. Any opinions or feedback on this tile at Lowes?

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Looks like a really good match to me! I haven't seen it in person or used it, so can't comment on that, but definitely prefer faux marble in wet areas for two reasons: price and ease of upkeep.

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That looks much nicer than the photo on Lowes' site. It's not available in our area, so it may be in limited distribution, which would explain why you're not getting much response here. But it looks great, and AO is certainly a reputable tile company, not like the "style selections" junk that Lowes also sells.

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Everything looks great in the photo. However, I thought the conventional wisdom was not to use faux marble in the same area as real, particularly in the shower where you would have the large faux tiles adjacent to the trim.

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Looks good in this pic,

I'll pass on a piece of advice I found here on these forums. See if you can get several sample pieces of the tile. (You may have to buy them, but Lowes will take them back). I did this with my first choice for a porcelain limestone lookalike. Thanks heavens that I did. Each tile was EXACTLY the same, not what you want when you are looking for a stone replica. I ended up buying a more expensive tile (which is much nicer in every way), and in 88 12 X 24 tiles, I only found 4 or 5 repeats, which were easily used by flipping the tiles, so as far as anyone can tell, each tile in my BR is unique, just like it would be with real stone.

With marble, you would like as many different tiles as possible. I think the number to look for is the V, V4 means highly variable, which I think is what you want.

Linelle, it's good to be conscious about having faux next to real, in my case, I have real limestone mosaic in the back of the shower niche, right next to my porcelain. I think because my porcelain is such a good quality 'fake', that no one would think twice about it, but especially since it's in my Master BR, no one but me will see it anyways.

I think this works, 2 reals, 1 fake:

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raehelen, excellent advice about getting more sample tiles and looking at the V factor. I think your juxtapositioning of real and fake passes the test! The mosaics are so different from your field tile that it's hard to compare them anyway.

There's also something to be said for a private space. As I agonize and dither over hall bathroom floor tile choices, I have to keep putting things in perspective: It's not a place people hang out for extended periods of time (unless you happen to be very unfortunate). It's a bathroom floor.

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I am a non-conformist in the "real next to faux" group. Our counters and tub deck are honed marble, faux marble porcelain on the floor, and polished marble/onyx basket weave in the shower. I think it depends on the quality of the finish on both. Ours "fooled" an interior designer who typically works in high-end homes in the greater Chicago area.

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Excellent advise. I too mixed my porcelain faux marble with real marble in my shower. The shelf was a wasted piece from the miss cut of my counter so the installers just gave it to me. I cut one end off with my trusty tile saw and set it into the niche as a shelf. I was going to use black marble shower curb cut to size but, I went with this. It is not perfect but I'm tired of perfect.

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I have the same question. I just saw this tile at Lowes today and thought bingo I've found a shower tile to go with the carrara marble top white vanity I just purchased. Did you end up using the AO Mooreland Carrara tiles from Lowes for your shower? If so, are you happy with it? Could you share pictures? What did you use for the shower floor?

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I did not end up using the Lowes tile but I used Anatolia Classic Marble Matte 12x24 @ $3.53/sq ft. I was able to use slab carrara within the faux field on a window sill that is in the shower and it blends seamlessly. I also think the carrara countertops blend well. However, I have since become aware that my contractor did not install the tiles correctly and they will have to be ripped out and reinstalled! I'd post a picture, but I can't figure out this new site!

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Thanks for the info. So disappointing to learn that your shower will have to be redone because the tiles weren't installed correctly. Ugh..... :(

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Creative Ceramic & Marble/ Bill Vincent

One suggestion I might make-- use a BLENDING grout-- something like Mapei's warm grey, or Laticrete's Silver Shadow.

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Ok Here are some pictures i posted Birchpoint. I could go to the "photo" button below the text box and link from my own files these two pictures. They are sideways because I took them with my phone in a portrait format and apparently I need to always take landscape format pictures with my phone so that the photos aren't sideways. lol

oh, and now I am editing to see that the pictures actually posted right side up, great.

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