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mechanicsApril 2, 2013

We'll be moving into our new home in a couple months and I want to be ready to keep it clean.

What products would you recommend for easy cleaning and maintenance if you were starting from scratch for the following:

granite countertops
white painted cabinets
stained cabinets
hardwood floors
ceramic tile floors and walls


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Target sells a countertop cleaner for granite, and I really like it. I've been struggling to find something that works for my pre-finished hardwood floors. If your hardwood is prefinished, do NOT use oil soap nor wax. The oil soap will leave a film and the wax will build up. I've tried the Bona, and the jury is still out on it.

I recently purchased a Shark steam cleaner, and while some my love theirs, I did not. I was not pleased that it only had one steam port and the head did not swivel. I returned it, went to and bought a Haan. It has seventeen ports and swivels. Plus, the flat head fits under the kick plate of the cabinets. I love the Haan, and I think it is all I will be using on my floors.

Many people opposed to using a steam cleaner on hardwood,, and I would not use it on anything without a sealed finish, but the steam evaporates within 15 seconds max, and faster with the ceiling fans on high.

A steam cleaner should work for tile floors and walls as well. The one I bought coverts to hand held and has additional attachments.

Good Luck!

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