How to clean/bring shine back to wood floors?

storybookgirlApril 25, 2012

My 1933 house has nice wood floors throughout the house, but it is lacking the shine? How do I go about in bringing this shine?

So we brought a sofa in and it seemed to scratch the floor. I am thinking there is wax on top of the floor and the sofa leg scratched it off? It is impossible that this house is from 1930 and has no scratch on the floor except for the long line we just made from the foyer to the living room. AH!

What do you guys think? Do you think we just scratched the wax off or are we screwed with this line? Will renting a buffer from home depot bring the shine back and get rid of the line?

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Ooops I didn't see that there was a flooring forum.

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I have a 1700 farmhouse about every 3years I wax mine wood flor wax,buff.They get beautiful.My dr asked me one day what I do he said his dog has floors damaged.He was talking redoing them, no need floors are beautiful when done,I like imperfections in floor gives it character

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I have oak flooring in my home. Had it professionally sanded, stained and covered with 2 layers of Polyurethane. That was ten or so years ago. I keep it clean with regular cleaning with Bona cleraner and Bona floor finish (two different products) Any spills or pet accidents get cleaned up right away. It's still shiny.

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I clean floors on my job. Halloway House is the BEST I've found in years of buying one brand after another. Won't switch. My customers have never been disappointed. It's not a wax.

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