towel warmers

bethcwApril 25, 2012

I am looking to purchase a plug-in towel warmer. I liked the look of this because it also provides towel storage up top. Anyone have experience with this manufacturer?

Alternatively, anyone have any recommendations?

Here is a link that might be useful: montgomery towel warmer

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I've never seen that manufacturer before (but that doesn't mean they're not good!). Did a lot of research for my recent remodel where I used two, and am very happy with both of them. They heat up quickly and significantly.

This one came from Signature Hardware, Thermae Bergama, 30" wide by 51" tall, just over $400:

And I got this one from Wayfair, Denby Artemos, 18" wide by 44" tall, similarly priced (but it seems Wayfair doesn't carry that model any more):

Good luck with your search!

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I don't know this manufacturer or model but I do like the look, the price and the convenience of towel storage on top.

A couple of thoughts to consider... It comes in a hard-wire model which I personally would prefer to a plug-in if at all possible for a neater look. Also, it's only 165 watts which seems pretty low to me so I'd question whether it will do the job adequately. Our Runtal Solea is slightly smaller (34" x 20") and is 450 watts.

I definitely enjoy having a towel warmer in the room!

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