Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations Needed

jamrockApril 1, 2012

We have lots of stairs, lots of hardwood floor everywhere & a few area rugs.

I need a good vacuum which can easily handle all those things - sweep stairs, sweep floor, etc. . We have no pets and I do not anticipate any.

Do you love your vacuum? Hate your vacuum and think I should avoid it?

I am assuming something not too heavy would be the way to go with all those stairs. I hear cannisters are better if you have lots of stairs. True? We have lots of stairs but other wood floor square footage more than stairs. There are no runner/rugs on the stairs.

Model numbers needed, as that is more helpful than "I love my Miele cannister", as there are 50 different Miele cannisters.

I don't want to overbuy a ton of parts I won't use, but think the upholstery attachment & something for the baseboard trim are good ideas.

Please bring on the info and advice. Please tell me anything you know about brands, types, styles - anything to help with my selection.

I want to know the good & the bad.

Thanks all.

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Get a central vac.

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I agree with Graywings. But buy a Vacuflo. There is a difference.

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Wow graywings & housefairy. Thanks for your recommendation, but if you are both right, then we just blew our chance.

We just finished a gut renovation of our place and moved back in after a year of construction and a central vac was nowhere on our radar.

Walls are closed and painted so a central vac won't happen at this late stage.

Any non-central vac advice or recommendation out there?

Thanks in advance.

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My installation was a retrofit. So was the unit installed in my Mother's home. Other than the pipe in the garage you would never know that is was done after the fact. There is a pipe connecting the upstairs and downstairs to the unit. In the picture the third pipe is another hookup for the hose. The unit does have an exhaust pipe, which you can't see. There is also another vacuum hookup in the front of the garage that is exactly like the ones in the house. Note how meticulous the guy was in the installation. He was like that throughout the house.

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I understand your hesitation of opting for a central vac. The last thing you want to do after an entire gut remodel is put more holes in finished drywall. Given that, I would certainly recommend a canister over an upright. As you've heard, most people prefer them for stairs, and uprights tend to be pretty lousy on wood floors for actually picking up particles. You are probably going to hear a lot of recommendations for Miele. And rightfully so; they're excellent machines. Keep in mind, they're bagged, so that is something to consider (I prefer bagged, but there are also a lot that prefer bagless). A less pricey option is a Sanitaire. My mother has had hers since 1972 and is still as powerful as ever. Sorry I wasn't incredibly sepicific about model numbers, but I do not personally own a Miele, so do not feel the best qualified to give an exact recommendation. However, hopefully I gave you some things to consider.

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Thanks housefairy for going out of your way to show me the pic of your install, but arch13 is right when she says the last thing I want to do is put more holes in finished dryall after waiting 1 year to move back in. :-(

arch13, no worries about not recommending a model # on the Miele. I never heard of Sanitaire, but just googled it. I cannot believe that there are so many brands that I have not hear of. You did give me some helpful info! Thanks.


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Miele Libra

Miele Topaz

Sebo K3

If exhaust filtration is not an issue but $'s are... the Miele Delphi with additional purchase of the SBB300 floor brush is a good combo. (Better cleaning option than a Titan)

If you have 3 area rugs or so and $ is a factor the Miele Pisces might do.

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I have a Dyson DC25 upright that I just love. It seems a bit gimmicky, and it wasn't cheap, but it does everything well. It's really great when vacuuming the stairs. It sort of switches to being a cannister vacuum. The wand and hose pop out, and I just leave the vacuum at the bottom (or on the landing).

On the wood floors and carpets, it does a great job and in my opinion much easier to use than a cannister.

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