Dishwasher Dilemma - KitchenAid or Bosch

mdispensaApril 6, 2012

Kitchenaid KUDE20IXSS vs Bosch SHE55M15UC

Sears is having a 25% off sale and they end up being $641 and $750 respectively. I don't mind controls on the front. I care about good cleaning, drying and low noise and reliability. I was reading in the forums about the vent problems on the kitchenAid and I do have full face cabinets going in.

All opinions opinions experiences welcomed!

All the model numbers and features and ratings are just maddening to keep up with.

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I am the original poster about the vent issues with my KUDE60. I have a Bosch that replaced the Kitchenaid. I have no issues and love it. While it "seems" smaller inside, it fits just as much, if not more since the tines are placed closer together. I'm quite happy. Only issue is the lack of heated uses condensation drying. My plastics came out wet in the Kitchenaid anyway. The Bosch cleans really, really well, is extremely quiet (so much so I have to check to see that' its running). The price was about the same. I have the Bosch SHX58E15UC. It has the third rack for cutlery like the KA did, that was a must for me.

Good luck. I would have kept the KA if it weren't for the venting issues. I would steer clear of any that have the vent on the side.

Here is a link that might be useful: My original post about the vent issues...

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I would not rules out the KitchenAid. If fairness fivefootzero you should link to your other forum. There are cons to the Bosch as well and not everyone agrees with your assessment.

I dont think there is one magic brand, both my sister and sister in law have brand new KA and love them. But I have friends that love Bosch.

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I have a 60 KA and I love it! The plastics come out clean and dry, glasses are cleaner than they have ever been, and it is super quiet. I have full inset cabinetry and have no moisture issues at all. The air vent on the sides are inlets, the exhaust vent is on the bottom. I don't know if this is a new feature but there is no way to get moisture out of the upper side vents. The dishwasher is also very well laid out, it holds everything I want it to and more. The only downside is it takes a long time to cycle, which I have heard is common with newer energy star DWs

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Carolmka: What other forum are you talking about? I don't have another forum. This was my experience with a KA product. Your experience may differ, but I have documented along with photos my experience.

Emilner: I'm glad you don't have issues. But you are wrong about that side vent being an inlet and vent on the bottom, unless you have a different model. I have spoken to KA support as well as technicians from the appliance store. It is a vent, supposedly to remain closed, but it did not, and if you look at my previous posts, you can see photos of the moisture released from it. My KA DID NOT have a vent on the bottom whatsoever.

I loved the KA...and it pained me to get rid of it. But the warping of my cabinetry was not an option.

I am quite happy with the Bosch. All the other appliances I bought were KA and I am very satisfied.

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fivefootzero its too bad your dealer didn't contact Kitchenaid. There is an easy solution to the problem you had. Our service department has the service memo from Kitchenaid describing the repair. As others have mentioned their machines are fine and not every machine was affected.

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I have the Bosch SHE43P15UC (so probably a peg or 2 downscale from the one you're looking at), and I love it completely. I agree with 5'0... I can pack that thing like no tomorrow with the tines so close (which could be trouble if you have funny shaped plates). It cleans awesome, and is super quiet. I don't put plastics in the D/W, so I don't run into the non-drying issues. I set it at night due to our time-of-use electric, and dishes are great in the morning.

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fivefootzero. Sorry for confusion, I meant the other thread. Ironically I am shopping for a new dw and looked at both the Kitchenaid and the Bosch. At the high end both are very similar. I am leaning toward the Kitchenaid, but have not ruled out the Bosch.

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We have had a KUDE70 for just over a year, it works perfectly. I recommend it.

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My vote is for Bosch. Its true you will find issues with any brand, but Bosch tends to score well with consumer publications, retailers and appliance techs. Also I would say Bosch is probably better for resale as I think it is perceived by many to be a higher end name (which technically it is based on prices).

For the record I am a huge miele fan, but my current dw is a bosch (shv65p) with hidden controls and custom panel to match cabinetry. I deviated from my miele as I ran into an unexpected deal on the bosch I thought too good to pass up. I am really happy with it. It cleans super amazing with my whole house water softener. Glasses are so clean you could take one out and hold it up to the light and it looks like it was not only hand washed, but hand polished. Its quiet, and I can fit a ton in due to the mentioned close tines, as well as using my technique of throwing dishes on top of dishes :)

Lots of people do love their KA's tho, so there must be something to that as well.

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I replaced a KA that tried to catch on fire with a Bosch and I've been very pleased with the results. Ours is the ADA-sized one with the built-in softener that Sears sells and like fivefootzero I was concerned going from a tall-tub to a "short tub" but remarkably everything fits, even our big stainless pasta strainer insert. And the built-in softener is remarkable - EVERYTHING comes out shiny and clear without having to add any "additives" like Lemi-shine (we have rock hard water here.) I can even use the regular Finish Powerball (not "Quantum") tabs and everything is perfectly clean. Recommended.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch ADA Dishwasher w/ softener

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Fivefootzero- as I mentioned they may have changed the way the unit vents. I have two vents up on the top sides and one on the bottom that shoots forward just under my cabinetry. When the unit is running you can feel (and sometimes see) air and moisture coming out the bottom. I have never had one single drop of moisture on my inset cabinets since it was installed.

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OP I'm not seeing the 25% off sale on Sears site. Is it Friends and Family? Do I need to get a Sears credit card to find out about these discounts?

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I don't want to add to the confusion; dishwashers are such a tough choice.
We tried an ASKO a couple of years ago, when we did a kitchen renovation. High end and didn't like it at all.
We moved a year ago and bought an Electrolux.
It's incrediable, quiet and cleans extremely well.
Good Luck!

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Just bought a DW So new just installed yesterday. I have not ran my first load, maybe tomorrow. But I just did tons of research.

I looked at KA, Bosh, Miele. I ruled out KA due to info on website Apparently per website fires not limited to KA but lots of stuff made by Whirlpool, no true link proven yet. after more research, just tossed out the KA, and all whirlpool stuff based on fire risk alone.

Bosh was my 2nd choice, Miele 1st. Bosh won due to price/cost Miele just not in my budget.
Just got the Bosh SHX7ER55UC. Hope I'm happy, but in the end just a matter of getting something that you like, is in budget and if it breaks hope its affordable to fix.

Oh, and for the sales stuff I got 10% instant rebate offered by Bosh. I think that sale goes to end of April, and Sears they offered me 25% discount when I told sales person I was going to leave, but would consider buying soon. Presented me a card with well..if you come back to me I will get you an extra 25% off that DW. (I was looking at a Kenmore made by Bosh( I was told that it would be discontinued and no longer available once they are out of stock.).

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Sounds like you got a good deal.

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