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melkel31April 2, 2014

I posted this on the kitchen forum but then realized this may be a better place to post?? :) (I am new to GW)... Anyway, we are remodeling and putting in a 30" commercial style KA gas range and need a 30" hood. We prefer to get an under the cabinet style bc of space- need cabinets above. any recommendations are much appreciated! BTW wanting to keep it economical and not spend a whole lot of money on a hood - function is important but spending a ton of $$$ on remodel - if it works well and is inexpensive that's good too! ;)

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Broan Elite E64000 Series E6430SS $609

Kobe SQ Series CH2230SQ $700

Both give you decent though not ideal capture area.

Kobe gives you a little more power and quiet.

I know people in kitchens forum are recommending generic Chinese hoods with good specs. I would not. Expensive products from China from a company with a long track record for quality yes. Chinese products at the dollar store maybe. Expensive products from relatively new Chinese company NO.

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Even with an under cabinet hood you may have unusable cabinet space depending on how you vent the hood.

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yeah true, we have that now but still get more than none haha! ;)

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Looking forward to reading more replies :)

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If you have the flexibility, you should go with the 36" hood width for your 30 inch "commercial style" gas range. I did that, even for my 30" induction range. For the Broan above, the difference is only $20.

I have the E6036SS Broan, with a 600cfm roof mounted remote blower, and a duct silencer (muffler) in line. Total came to about $1050; the blower was off eBay (new) for maybe $175 cheaper than retail. Quiet, works okay.

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