Easter China Cabinets and Buffet

phonegirlApril 2, 2013

Seems like I put alot out but still have some totes I didn't get to.
Maybe it will b my inspiration to decorate again next year.

Sugared egg from DF that she said is really OLD.

It has grass and decorations inside.

I always forget about my turkey platter that matches this set at Thanksgiving so I'll give you a little peak. It's so pretty, I dont know why I can't remember to use it.

This is the only bunny napkin I made this year. Not hard, just didn't get them finished.


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Like the Rabbit in Alice In Woderland ...I'm late...I'm late!!
I was wondering where you were this Easter!...now I see - WOW!! Your collections look amazing in your cabinets. So many beautiful pieces. Since I love Blue..that blue china bunny jumped out at me. Your dishes in the large cabinet are so pretty - got a peek at the Turkey Platter in there...what a nice piece too. Love the white bunnies tucked in here and there. Your sideboard is looking good..you've got to give us some lessons on the bunny napkins..Your DGD must love that...Glad you got to show us what you've been up to.
Loved looking Punk...I know I'm going to go back to look again - with so much to see.
Hope you had a Happy Easter and got some rest in between too!

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You have a great collection. I see you did the bunny ear napkin fold...so cute! I forgot to take a picture of my Easter morning table. Somehow, I just can't get into the habit of setting the table the night before so that I can take pictures.

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WOW, Punk! What a collection you have of Easter bunnies (and decorations). Everything is delightful to see, but the big china cabinet you have loaded with so many neat things is really neat to 'look thru'. And the spring floral arrangement on the buffet is lovely!

great job, as always.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks Jane, F2H and Karen for all the sweet comments. I, like everyone else had to decorate in a hurry this year. Now it seems like it's to soon to take it all down. I'm hoping to get started on that tonight after Ido my run in the park.

It's so amazing how much I've collected since Luvs brought me here. Now I couldn't live w/o all of these bunnies. Oh remember my lg brown bunnies and my beautiful nests I've collected? They didn't even make an appearance this year. Guess it will make it better next year.LOL


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Such wonderful pictures.
i don't know how you find the time to do it all!

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Jane, friends from Canada came down at the last minute so was busy cooking and didn't have much time to play. Have more coming in the next two weeks. I love seeing everyone but it's hard to keep up at times. Glad you ejoyed looking.

If you google bunny napkin fold you will get all kinds of help and pictures. My napkin wasn't starched but I did have to iron it to keep the shape. There's also a rolled ear napkin.

F2BH, wish you would of taken a picture to share with us. I love coming here and seeing eye candy. My table is always set so it's easy for me to snap pictures. If it's been set for a week, I just throw the dishes in the dw and it's ready to use.

Karen, I love all the pictures you share. So glad you are back on here more often. That baby boy is darling.

Nana, you seem to do alot too. Funny how we find time for the things we want to do.

Thanks again.


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I'm late for Easter but I sure am enjoying looking, anyway! Wow, punk!!! Look @that beautiful curio cabinet w/all your treasures! Love! You have collected so many cute, cute bunnies & chicks & everything. I love that cabbage leaf bowl w/the eggs! It is a 'wonderland!' Nice work, lady (time-consuming, I know)

And your china cabinet looks so pretty w/the white flowered dishes & all the pastels of bunnies & eggs & everything ... love your collection of that pretty china...the turkey platter can come out later!

Your buffet does look like an 'Alice in Wonderland' tea party w/that big rabbit there & the sweet tea set. & the bunny napkin fold w/that sweet, sweet 'hat bunny' is just darlin' w/your china! TFS, punk ...I hope the day was a good one ... we had kids home & also went to one of our kids so it was busy & fun! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, thanks so much for your sweet comments. I've already changed it out to spring. I bought a new china cabinet today so will be rearranging the dining room to fit it in. I bought it to replace another cabinet and it's to long. Geez, wouldn't you think I was smart enought to measure before bringing it home? Nope not me but sure don't want to return it.LOL

Thanks again.


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