Help ... Dog peed in my shoes!!!

owl_at_homeApril 21, 2007


This is my first visit to the cleaning forum.

I have a pair of leather shoes that I discovered today have been peed in/on by one of my dogs. It could have been a cat, but I'm pretty certain it was a dog. I THINK it happened last night.

One in particular was literally full of urine. I had to pour it out. My question is, what in the world should I do???

If they were tennis shoes, I know I could throw them in the washer, but they are nice leather pumps. They are black, Mary Jane style, and have a suede flower on the strap.

I could wipe them down and set them out in the air for a while, but I know the urine has soaked into the soft insole part, and I imagine they will smell whenever they get warm.

Can I put them through a gentle cycle in the washer?? Keeping in mind that one at least has already been soaked in urine?

Help, please.

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I wouldn't try washing them. Can you replace the insole?

I keep my eye silk on the vanity  is that redundant?

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They would probably clean up with an enzyme cleanner like Nature's Miracle, but I would toss them....and then try to find out which one of the critters did it.
Linda C

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Toss 'em.

How is a person suppose to find out which one of the critters did it? What can you do, sit them all down and have a frank discussion with them?

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Toss them, the urine has soaked into the leather as well as the insole. Yuk! how could you wear them out and feel comfortable knowing any minute the odor will be reeking!!! Also think of how sanitary your shoes are now.

Sorry for the bad news, sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and toss and then make sure our shoes are not available for future "pee" sessions!!!LOL!!

You could rinse shoes well under running water for a spell and let dry. Then spray with Lysol Spray, inside and outside, enough to drown the shoes, and hope it kills the germs and odor. Now you are ready to reek with smell of Lysol!! Ah! just toss them out and count your loss.

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Yup. I'd toss them, too. I used to have a dog that would eat the insoles of my shoes if left in an available spot. The insoles must have contained the most concentrated "essence" of me he could find!

Was it a puppy or was it personal?

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I'd rinse them using cold water and then rinse them with Nature's Miracle for dogs. Let sit for a day and them stuff with newspapers to speed up the drying process. Might have to stuff them a few times.

Once they are dry, you will have to decide if they are worth keeping. They may be goners.

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I doubt if you'll ever get the smell out if it went down into the sole. I'd recommend you throw them out. Been there with tennis shoes and guess what, not even bleach, Tide and hot water removed the smell!!

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I don't care how well they were cleaned, I could never wear them again. Another vote for tossing.

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