Wolf gas/dual fuel and power surges

Diggerr222April 17, 2012

We will be purchasing a Wolf gas or dual fuel range and the appliance retailer informed us that since we live in a rural area, power surges are more prevalent and we should rule out the dual fuel model as surges can damage the electronics.

I would appreciate any input on this subject from those who may have experience in this area. Thank you kindly.

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Intermatic among others make surge suppressors that one wires to a two-pole breaker at an electrical panel. However, there are several issues with house wiring versus lightening induced surges, just to name one cause, so some care in grounding practice is required. More on this can be found on the WWW.

Although I haven't had a failure yet with my Wolf dual wall ovens (electric), I would have preferred that Wolf separately supply the electronics power from the heater element power. Then a UPS could be employed to protect the electronics. I have no information about whether Wolf makes any attempt to protect the electronics within the units. Surges can occur almost anywhere, and if the units were particularly susceptible, we should be hearing about more failures on this site.


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