Nana, Jane, OA, Janet....where are you??

PurplemoonApril 13, 2014

Miss all of you here! Hopefully Candy will also be back with us soon too.

Hugs to ALL our gang, you really bring a lot to my life
with your posts and photos!

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I'm here, back from meeting Felicity. and had cataract surgery on Thursday I hope to post something in the next day or two.
thanks Karen. love that photo !!

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Hey Nana,

It is good to see you! Glad you are back! Hope you have a great recovery from your cataract surgery.

Look forward to seeing your post!

Take Care,


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I am so glad you got to see, and HOLD, Felicity. Did you try to sneak her home with you? Babies are so hard to put down once you get them in your arms! Will we get to see photos soon?

Hope the cataract surgery went well. It sure seems to work wonders for all the people I know who've gotten it.

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I'm here grateful that you keep things going..
Every now and then I get a little down not being in a home of my
Own, and still trying to work out an affordable house plan.
We would have bought a resale if they were Small enough...but too
many of them are just too big...and sadly, they cost less than to build
A smaller house.. nice that you got to visit Felicity..especially before she gets bigger...babies change so quickly as they get bigger.
I had cataract surgery about 5 yrs improved my eyesight...but
I have a deteriorating eye condition...and am having vision problems..however anyone I know who's had the surgery are very pleased with the results. Take care in the meantime.

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Jane, I can't even imagine the frustration of not having your own home yet. I never dreamed a small resale home would be so hard to find. I keep sending good vibes your way for things to 'get moving' so you can!!

hugs, Karen (not Punk, LOL)

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I'm here too! Health seems to be OK so far. Doctor appointments and blood tests later this month. Will know more then.

Jeanne, how are you doing? I think of you often. This disease stinks!

Jane, hope you can find a house soon. It must be so unsettling to be somewhere that's not your own after so many years of owning your place.

Nana, aren't baby grandchildren just about the greatest thing??? I've been so busy with the grandchildren. It's fun and tiring at the same time.

I have been doing a lot of work on my backyard theater blog, so have neglected tablescapes these past few months. Haven't even checked in here for weeks and weeks. (Love the purple birdie picture, Karen.)

Say, come to think of it, maybe you gals can help me. I have been putting together a homemade photo booth for my friend's daughter's wedding.I wanted to make some props available. Signs with sayings and lips and mustaches on a stick - that sort of thing. If you've been to a function that provided a place for silly pictures, maybe you can let me know what you liked best (and what you didn't). What did they provide for props? Clever saying? Even knowing what didn't go well would be of help. Thanks.

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Thanks Karen for the 'good vibes'. I'll take All the positives I can get.
We had to scrap our Third house plan...Seems the more we cut still not enough and much to costly. Again, I can't believe there are Resale Homes only 2-3 yrs old that are Humungus.(sp)..selling for much less than what we want to build much smaller. Terrible time for new home build.
OA...good to hear from you and that all is going well for you.
You've always seemed to be an 'up beat-positive' person, and that in itself is
a positive towards your health. You sound just as busy as ever, if not more,
planning a Photo Booth of all things. Sorry I don't have any suggestions
for you, but would love if you could share some pics with us when you're done. Good Luck on your up coming exam.

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First of all, that picture is gorgeous PM! It's always a concern
when some of our Holiday family are out there MIA.

OA, please let us know how your blood test results to out.
Sending hugs and prayers to YOU! A photo booth? What a
fun idea for a wedding. Have you ever watched the talking
photo booth on TV? They have a one way mirror and the
lady has everyone in there cracking up. She talks to the
people and they can't see her so she has them doing all
sorts of things. This is what I thought of w/your clever ways.HA

Jane, so sorry to hear about your deteriorating eye condition.
Is there anything you can do to keep it from progressing? I
spend so much time in front of a computer and seem to be
having some blurred vision at times. Bothers me to think it
could be the start of something I don't want to deal with.

Sure hope you can build what you'd like. Must be a tough
thing to be dealing with day after day. Sounds like you
might be better off buying a home that's larger if you can
find the right one. Good luck on this decision. Your making
me think I need to be content in our 2200 sq ft home!haha

Hugs and prayers to all of you.


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Marlene Kindred

Good to hear from all of the MIAs! So sorry for the troubles that you each have been having and hope that things will soon find solutions.

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Ditto, Marlene. So many of our gang is sure having bad times. I keep hoping and praying this year will improve
for all.
O.A. and Jeanne both have the most wonderful strength and spirit, and as Jane says, that is quite the positive thing to have in battling this horrible cancer.

Jane, sounds like you might have to get something bigger than you wanted. Have you looked into those pre-fab homes? A friend of mine bought one years ago and it was wonderful. The outside was kind of plain, but the inside was lovely. She and her husband gave up trying to find something to buy. Lot of info on the web about these homes I think if you're interested and haven't checked them out.
Sending prayers for your eye issue.

All of you are on my mind and in my heart,
luv, Karen

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Just checked In here again...
Karen, yes we did check into prefab...there's a large company
here..Westchester Modular. DH was not impressed with
what they were offering and to have what the model
upgrades...such as Extra Windows rather than Two to room, nicer moldings and trim. Or ..nicer kitchen cabinets than what was offered.., it tured
out to be Very expensive. The salesman admitted, that it really
Isn't that inexpensive...but does get you a home Quicker!
Prices here in the NE seem higher than most places.
Punk, I have an eye condition known as dry Macular. So, I'm just coping
with what it is as best I can. Thanks for your concerns tho...

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