Pics of finished master bath remodel

Donna_NJApril 20, 2012

Hello everyone, stopping by to share the pictures of my finished master bath remodel. Thanks to everyone for the great discussion as I was finalizing my design -- your feedback was very useful!

This link shows the blueprints for the before and after, as well as pics of the content before it was done.

These are actuals:

The space is essentially 10'4"x8', with the entry door set at an angle. The first link shows the door relative to the rest of the bedroom (which isn't finished yet, hence no pictures).

I couldn't be happier! The towel warmers were a challenge, but my electrician and contractor worked together well and everything fell together. The chrome towel warmer's power box is accessed from the other side of the wall it's on, things were that tight in that space!

Thanks again for the help during the design phase.

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More people will see your bath if you post the photos directly into your post. See the thread "How to post photos". Its on the first page right now.

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Original layout

New floor plan

3D view of new floor plan with furniture in the right place

And the rest of the pics are on FB, I can't see how to embed them inline, so have linked to them below.

Here is a link that might be useful: FB album

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What a gorgeous, functional bathroom! Thanks for sharing your photos. I like your wedge shaped corner shampoo shelves. Can you tell me what material they are made of? Are you enjoying your towel warmer? I thought about putting a towel warmer in the kids' bathroom, but worried they might not take the time to thread the towels through the bars of the towel warmer.

Enjoy your new room.


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The corner shampoo shelves (and the low-mounted one designed for leg-shaving!) are granite, they match the door saddle, the shower curb, bench and top of the pony wall.

The towel warmers are *really* good; I have one in my other bathroom, but these are much more powerful, they appear to heat the towels in much less time. The chrome one is a Thermae Bergama (sold by Signature Hardware), the white one is an Artemos Denby, I got it at Wayfair.


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Would you share the source of your gorgeous tile? Thank you.


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I'm in NWNJ, and got my tile from Specialty Tile -- second time I've used them. The floor/shower tile is a ceramic that looks like calacatta, Elements Elegance Venatino:

12x12 on the floor, 12x24 on the walls/ceiling, 2x12 bullnose.

The gray/white trim is Soho, drk bardigilio with thassos dots, this link except with white dots:

And the glass tile behind the vanity is Mirage Glass tiles, Impression Series, Rushing River:

I was going to go only 5 rows behind the vanity, and luckily shared the pics with my dad, who suggested doubling the height of the vanity backsplash. Great suggestion, can't imagine it now at the lower height!

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What a great-looking bathroom!!!

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I really appreciate the tile info! Thank you!

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I used the shower for the first time last night, and am SO pleased! The shower door was dear but worth it -- no leakage, and it felt so spacious while in there. The Whisperwarm fan is wonderful -- stepping out of the shower into a cone of warm air was just luscious.

In retrospect, the corner shelves could've been bigger, or I should've added another -- I like to keep lots of shampoo bottles around and now I'll have to choose ;).

Towel warmer and heated floor worked wonderfully too -- can you tell I'm a heat-whore? As I've gotten older, I've become more and more addicted to warmth.

Squeegeeing the shower took less than a minute, and it looks great!

Only design decision still pending is whether to do a curtain over the window. Thoughts?

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Happy to report that the tub has been inaugurated and is also a big success -- American Standard, 5'x32", air/water jets with an inline heater, which works wonderfully well! One major source of bickering in my household is now history: I don't have to leave the tub running the whole time I'm soaking to keep the water hot :).

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gorgeous! i see you tiled the shower door jamb on the vertical edges, which is what i'm thinking of doing but contractor has suggested enveloping the entire opening with the counter top material (granite) but that would be a lot more money. i also have a knee wall, so i guess i'll have to tile that as well on the outside? i like how your border shows nicely at the top of the kneewall, but it works for you b/c it wraps all around the room. mine would not. i'm not doing a border, but a panel with a tile mosaic in the panel, and inside the niches.

thougths on the shower jamb and the knee wall please? thanks!

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Depending on how your contractor is pricing things, the granite for the front of the shower curb might not be more expensive -- I imagine it's a lot faster/easier to throw a single slab in place than to do the cutting/placing/grouting needed for tile. I like mine b/c of the added contrast it provides, but I think it could look good either way.

I didn't know that my pony wall was going to extend the way it does (covering the bench) until late in the game, but I also like the way it turned out. When I thought it was just going to be the 4" edge of the pony wall showing, I was thinking to use a little bit of the glass tile that's behind the vanity as an accent there.

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