Cleaner for aluminum

donna_loomisApril 23, 2009

If ever I get something truly burned on to the inside or outside of my stainless steel or corning ware, oven cleaner does the trick. But my aluminum is another story. It's plain old aluminum, no paint or ceramic on it (I mean reaaaalllly old). When DH burns something onto it I have to use a lot of elbow grease. I came across a website that mentioned a great cleaner for aluminum and now I can't find it again. I searched these forums, but it is not mentioned here either. I seem to remember that it had "Kleen" in the name of it, like "------Kleen". Does this ring a bell with anyone? I think it was a thick liquid or a gel. I appreciate your help.

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Kleen King or Sokoff.

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Bar Keepers Friends works for me.

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Clt3, Kleen King wasn't it, but when I read the info about it and it mentioned "carbon", that jogged my memory. It is "Carbon Kleen". Thanks! Unfortunately, it looks like it is only sold wholesale and in bulk. But the Sokoff you mentioned looks like much the same thing, so I may order that.

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I have some non-shiny square alum cake/brownie pans and SS pots that - fine wet sandpaper with a little liquid dishwashing soap is my way to spotless. I keep a folded half by the sink. Lasts a very long time, makes discolored stainless nice. I dont mind the fine scratchy patterns but do mind discolorations.

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Filling the pan with hot water and putting in a laundry softener sheet works very well!! My aluminum pans were purchased in 1944 and I wouldn't trade them for ANYTHING new! HTH

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Yes, I love my old aluminum, as well as the stainless steel my mother bought in the 50's at a pots and pans "party". Thanks all for your help. I haven't heard of some of these tips and will certainly try them.

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Cream of Tartar! I had no idea this would clean anything but someone suggested it for burned on stuff and it actually works like a miracle! Just bring to boil some water and a couple tablespoons of COT and then let it soak for 20 minutes at least(longer is better) and then use a kitchen scrubby thing and it will clean even those burner bibs that nothing else will clean! Amazing!

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Cleaner for Aluminum? Any tips for sliding patio door frames? What a black ugly nasty mess with anything I have tried to restore a clean shine. Any helpful tips?

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I have had great success with Cameo. You find it in most grocery stores next to the BarKeepers Friend, Comet and things like that.

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