larger tiles for tub/shower surround

lisachipApril 9, 2014

We are torn between using standard 3x6 subway tiles vs 4x12 tiles for our tub/shower surround. The alcove tub's short walls are 32 inches wide so we would end up with only 2 1/2 tiles on these sides. We love the look of larger more modern tiles and also want to use a brick layout of the tiles as well so wondering how this would look. Any thoughts on having two shorter walls with longer tiles? Would this look too off?

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I think it will be fine. If the wall was 36" and you did the brick layout every other row will be three full tiles, but the other rows will be two full tiles and two half tiles on each end.

In your case you really have 2 2/3 tiles, so I would stagger the joints so each row has two full tiles and one cut tile. The odd rows will line up with the cut tiles on the right side, and the even rows on the left, for example.

You might try mocking it up on a piece of paper or asking your tiler or tile supplier for their input as well.

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Thank you irueter, I did try a mock up this afternoon, great idea. I really don't want more grout lines to clean and I love the look of the larger tile!

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Here's a picture of 6" x 16" tiles around my tub mid-grout. Contractor had to center tiles in brick pattern on short wall, since the tiles on the long wall didn't end perfectly. I wanted bigger subway tiles too.

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Gildee, do you mean you wanted larger subways than what you have installed? I think the scale of what you show is perfect in your situation.

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