Granit Counter Tops

christophersprksApril 23, 2006

I need help with my wife!!!

I've begged, I pleaded. I've even shown her the end results!!

We have dark green w/ gold flakes granite counter tops in out kitchen (they call it Labrador).

The problem is when my wife wipes them down they streak like you wouldn't believe. (and yes I do wipe them down after I make my mess :P)

I've begged, I pleaded to use a second paper towel to polish the granit tops. It's doesn't even require any elbow grease, just a second wipe.

I'm at my wits end.... :*(

Any suggestions?

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And you can't do it because....?

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>smilingMichelle, I knew I was going to get a reply like that from someone.
i DO do it when I make the mess.

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Try microfiber cloths. They're cheap at Costco and you can find them just about anywhere. The Miracle Cloths brand online are fabulous. You just need one dampish cloth to wipe and one dry cloth to dry, and your counters will be shiny and streakless.

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I think the problem is not how to clean the granite but that you & your wife don't agree on the importance of no streaks. I don't know how to help with that.

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Use a mixture of alcohol and water in spray bottle to clean counters. Spray, wipe with Microfiber cloth. No streaks.


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glasssuilt - you're so right....
Krissie - I'll try it, thanks .....

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LOL!!! I agree, though, you have to agree to disagree sometimes. I hate when my husband lets his dirty clothes hang over the edge of the hamper or misses completely. I find something redeeming about him and smile as I put them in for him. Such is marriage!


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You're a God-send Michelle. "Never Give Up"

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J. Chasens Design

Ditto on the microfiber recommendation. If the counter is really dirty right after food prep, I wipe it with a sponge (or dish rag for you sponge-a-phobes) then go back over it with a damp (well-rung-out) microfiber cloth. Presto! No streaks. If it is just a little dirty, I just use the microfiber cloth. Our granite is a deep chocolate brown, so I feel your pain. It is also AMAZING on our stainless appliances and I love not having to use any more chemicals than necessary.

I even gave them out at our annual 'Festivus' party (Jewish version of celebrating on December 24 w/ friends and family). Every year I totally copy Oprah and give out 'Jill's Favorite Things', but the economy version. This past year it was microfiber cloths and a Santoku knife. One year it was those pads you put under furniture so you can slide heavy pieces easily. You get the idea.

It is funny that my husband used to complain about his old roomate never wiping off the countertop, and now he doesn't wipe them off. Oh well, we choose our battles and this is NOT one of them!

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I've had granite counter tops for 8 years now and find that Windex does just fine. Every once in awhile, however, I've used this miracle stuff called Sol-U-Mel from this mailorder place called Melaleuca. It is natural stuff, concentrated, and cleans anything off anything. Really amazing. I used to belong to Melaleuca and then quit, before I did, though, I bought 4 or 5 large bottles of Sol-U-Mel.

Sol-U-Mel full strength cuts through any grime on granite.


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I am planning on changing our old fashioned (laminate?) countertops for granite this summer. I hate the old ones because even when they're perfectly clean and wiped off they leave these water spots. I want a nice, shiny new appearance (plus new sink, lol). Now this thread has me wondering if granite should be my first choice. Haven't explored the possibilities of corian, stone, marble, etc. I hate tile.

To the people that have the granite countertops, are you happy with them? Or wish you chose another product?

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I has Ceasarstone in my last house and granie in this new house. I wish I had the Ceasarstone instead of the granite. It was easier to take care worries with it at all. Granite is beautiful, but I don't like the "work" or worries that go with the beauty.
Can't change now, but I'll always be sorry that I didn't go with the tried and true Ceasarstone or any engineered stone.

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If you want a shiny surface, go with granite or one of the quartz/composite products (Silestone is one brand, but there are many) Granite is top choice if you love the look of natural stone. But the "fake" stone countertops are free of granite's natural pits/flaws and don't need to be sealed. ANY shiny surface is going to require that extra swipe to avoid streaks.

If you want a matte surface, go with laminate or the over-priced solid-surface countertops (Corian, etc.). If you use Corian (or other such solid-surface), AVOID choosing a dark color because the surface scratches like crazy and all the scratches show up as white lines. Water marks and stains are also a problem with Corian. Sure, you can sand the scratches and stains out-- but it's quite a chore and they never really look new again.

To me, there's no room in the house more beautiful than a kitchen done with quality wood cabinetry and granite countertops. Where money is an issue, I'd prefer to get quality cabinets and use a laminate surface (glued to a plywood surface so you never get the puffy cracks and seams that occur when laminate is bonded to that flakey particle-board stuff). I personally hate Corian because it's over-priced (especially the "designer colors") and gets scratched, burned, marked and stained so easily.

Shop around for prices on countertops.

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My granite has a lot of "movement" -- there are lots of swirls and patterns in black, tan of various shades, cream, etc. It's really beautiful and adds alot to our otherwise normal kitchen.

I was clearing off the counters yesterday to prep for painting the wall btw the backsplash and the upper cabs and started cleaning the granite. I commented to my husband "The good thing about this granite is that you don't see every little crumb and spill. The bad thing about this granite is that you don't see every little crumb and spill."

While I can usually tell by feel if the surface is completely clean or not (resistance) I found lots of little crumbs under and behind appliances and other decorative items on the countertop that I hadn't moved in a few months.

Does it bother a bunch -- nope! If I can't tell it's there, no one else will either! And when you're cooking for guests you don't have to worry about having dirty countertops because your guests won't be able to tell!

I love my granite.

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Thank you, tallybeth and xine for taking the time to tell me why you like granite. I really like my kitchen but think I will LOVE it when we change out the countertops. xine, I have to laugh when you fessed up about your crumbs. I have them too, don't we all? My hubby used to comment on dusty ceiling fans when we would visit friends. I told him to shut up or we'd never be invited back again! We all have crumbs and dust, but only so many hours in the day to keep them at bay. Thanks again.

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I bought plain black granite. That is real work to keep up--like a mirror only worse because it shows all dust quickly. If you get a dappled or swirled granite, you will love it.

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Ceiling fans -- the key is to keep 'em moving! It's harder to see the dust then. LOL! :)

Yep - As sheilajoyce said, it's important to get a granite with lots of pattern and swirls if you want to hide anything.

Also, we polished our granite once when we had it installed and again about 6 months later. It's been 3 years now, and we haven't done it again (I'm SOOOO ashamed... not!) and it's fine. I don't notice any stains or marks and it's still shiny. Yay!

The only thing I had to learn to do was to not set a glass or dish down on it very hard. There is NO give like on a laminate countertop with a plywood underbase. I went from a vinyl floor and laminate counter kitchen to a ceramic tile and granite counter kitchen -- it took awhile before I adjusted! At least it's an excuse to buy new dishes since I chipped several of mine before I got used to it (plus, I think my sister and neice chipped some too when they lived here -- again, inexperienced granite counter users!).


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It sounds more like a water quality problem to me. Only hard water would leave streaks and stains. Maybe you need a water softener/conditioner?

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We went with Zodiac by Dupont (engineered stone) because we wanted the lower maintainence (doesn't need to be sealed). I found if I nag my husband about how he cleaned up, he is more apt to just stop cleaning up after himself all together plus he feels resentment for not be acknowledged for what he does do. I'm just grateful that he now puts his dishes in the dishwasher instead of leaving them in the sink or on the counter. Wiping down the counters is a snap when they are clear. He is getting better over the years. I find like my kids, if I praise him for what he does well he is more receptive to my ideas of how (and why) to clean.

Good luck!

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I am installing a granite counter top, 3cm thick. I see there is plenty of comments on overhangs and solutions for support. Most common being the metal bars. Can someone comment on the additional cost for these supports?
My supplier made a comment of $200.00 x 4 .
That seems outlandish.
Any feedback would be great.

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I have dark greenish/grayish/blackish with sparkles granite called Emerald Pearl. I use the dishrag when I am going to clean food off the counters, but you're right, it always has to be followed up with a dry towel if you don't want streaks. I cook, so hubby does the after dinner clean up. Every morning I spray a little "Simple Green Stone Cleaner" (you can buy it at Home Depot and Lowes) and wipe the counters down with a microfiber cloth. Once a week after I wipe them down - I spray on a little "Simple Green Stone Polish" and buff them out to a shine with a microfiber cloth. A little effort goes a long way and the counters almost always look FAB!

As far as the steel supports go, we have 6 of them under our peninsula. Home Depot charged a total of $354 for them, including labor.

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As stated a few times...all you need are the micro-fiber cloths. Do a damp wipe and then a dry wipe. No more streaks or spots, no dull finish...just shine!!!

You can also get them at Walmart in the auto section (white and blue). I use them for glass counters, windows and mirrors. I keep one in my cars for a quick console wipe. I also use them as a dust cloth and for my leather furniture (no scratches).

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I have an L shape counter top. We(my wife and I) want to replace our counter top with granite. I have been doing some research on seams. The installer will have to install with a seam. What is the best way to install without it showing? I need any advice that anyone have on this subject.

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Check out the Kitchens Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen forum

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If she is not going to wipe it down with a paper towel, she is not going to use micro fiber cloths or anything else. Just do it yourself or let it streak. You can't make a person do something they don't want, especially if they have been pushed to do it.

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