Has anyone tried Universal Stone cleaner?

livebetterApril 25, 2011

I am not affiliated with this company but I am so pleased with how it works I thought I would post information for anyone else who might be interested.

If anyone else has tried it, I'd be intersted to hear what you think. Wondering if there are any uses for it I haven't thought of yet.

I purchased an 800 g container more than a year ago and went out to get a new one today. Lasts a long time and I would almost call it a "miracle cleaner".

I have stainless appliances and this removes all the water/drip marks and makes the steel look new. It also cleans my black granite counters beautifully. No water marks. I use it in the kitchen and bathroom with great results.

It polishes my polished nickel kitchen faucet as well. Removes the tarnish marks. I have used it to polish silver pieces as well.

While I was getting a new container today I met a lady buying several. She runs a local cleaning company and said she uses it as their primary cleaner. She said her clients love it.

I took the following from their website:

The Universal Cleaning Stone


The Universal Stone, is a highly effective, non-toxic, low odor, long-lasting, all-purpose cleaner from Germany that cleans, polishes and protects almost every hard finished surface. It's hard, reminiscent of a stone; this means not a penny is wasted shipping water. Plus, with Universal Stone there's nothing to drip, spill, evaporate, dry out or freeze. We guarantee you'll be impressed. This is not a whimpy cleaner. It will outperform just about every other cleaner you own. But don't take our word for it; read the testimonials and watch the video.

Non-toxic, acid free--100% safe for the chemically sensitive, children and pets

Winner 2008 PTPA media Award--Parent Tested, Parent Approved (US and Canada)

Made from six natural ingredients--earth/polishing clay, glycerin, green soap, soap flakes, natural vegetable oils and citronella.

Gentle on the skin--will not dry or damage your skin

Non-abrasive--Safe for silverplate or heirloom silver; you polish less often because Universal Stone effectively retards tarnish. Also this is the best DVD cleaner

Easy to use--just add water to sponge and squeeze to make a foam

Long lasting--depending upon use, lasts 6-24 months, saves even more money

Unlimited shelf life--won't spill, leak, drip, dry out, evaporate or freeze

Residential use--kitchen, bath, silverware, floors, windows, auto, boats, lawn furniture and much more

Commercial use--schools, hotels, restaurants, cleaning services

Here is a link that might be useful: Universal Stone

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