Ceilings: Textured or Smooth?

sauneMarch 29, 2011

Our Sheetrock is currently being installed. Our quote says knock-down ceilings, but I think I prefer smooth. The builder says costs are virtually the same, but they recommend knock-down, at least in some places. What do you prefer? And why would a builder prefer knock-down? Thank you!

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I'm not sure why builder would prefer knock down except that it's easier to hide a not so great tape job.

Our builder talked us out of any texture, even on our walls. He says nobody does texture anymore and that smooth is easier to repair. (He only builds high-end homes so I hope he knows what he is talking about)

I would think it's just personal preference. The jury is still out on mine as the painters started today.

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"smooth is easier to repair."

Absolutely correct.

You just need someone who knows how to do flat walls to a reasonable level of finish.

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in my area smooth is common. It is easier to repair.

It is probably b/c I'm used to it(smooth), but I dislike textured finish drywall.

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Smooth is MUCH easier to repair. We had a water leak into our current kitchen from the bathroom above (three times--don't ask!) and after the first time we tried to repair the texture. Never worked (we tried ourselves, then we hired someone, but there was no way to match the original texture). After the third leak (omg I hate water leaks) we finally just re-did the entire kitchen ceiling. It was costly to do, but there was no way to match the texture from 1985.

Besides, to me, texture just means the installer/finisher can't do a smooth finish properly. So if I see texture, I think less than stellar work, unfortunately (or I think OLD building).

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Texture is usually less expensive in most cases, there was a thread on this topic a few days ago.

If you have damage to a textured ceiling it is preferred to have the whole ceiling in that area scraped and redone. Much easier than trying to match to the existing.

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Thank you for your input! I agree that knock-down feels ...less nice? than smooth. I have no idea the work that goes into either, but to me for some reason, texture just always seems kind of dirty/dusty. Yikes, repairs never even entered my mind.

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Texture allows a lower level of finishing before the texture is applied, allowing less skilled labor and a faster cheaper job.

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Is there a difference between the smooth finsh you guys are discussing and the level 5 or 7 I've been quoted? The level 5 is way out of my budget, but I love the smooth look!

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I'm at level 4 it looks fine to me, but then I've never seen level 5.

you can look online as to what it means, but basically, I don't see seams, but its not smooth as plaster.

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Level 5 us a level 4 with the entire surface skim coated.

A correctly done level 4 with even roller nap in the paint looks the same for all but the harshest lighting conditions.

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