Glass on Gas Cooktop--Porcelain/Grates

naxosmomApril 16, 2006


I have a white glass gas cooktop by Whirlpool. It has porcelain under the burners and grey grates. Oh, how I wish I had black grates!

I don't use much oil at all since I have good Calaphon no-stick pots and pans. I don't fry much anyhow. The pots and pans are new, too, so there is no build-up of anything on them. The porcelain and grates gets stained every time I cook anything. (I don't have any trouble at all with the glass. Everything comes right off that.)

Whirlpool said to use this milky white cleaner...which did nothing...and to put the grates in the dishwasher. I did...same brownish/black discoloration on the grates. I have a good dishwasher and used the heavy duty pots and pans cycle.

I finally decided to try Comet...the one that says it won't scratch. It worked great on the porcelain for the most part, but I still have some black specks scattered around the porcelain burner part and brownish discoloration around the burner where the burner and glass meet. There is a thin brown line that is difficult to remove from around the burners.

The Comet took away some of the discoloration on the grates, but there is still some. Between the specks and brownish parts on the porcelain and the discoloration on the grates, the stove doesn't look clean to me...and it definitely doesn't look new. I don't even use the cooktop all that often.

If anyone has a similar cooktop, please share how you keep it looking nice and clean.



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Dee, I use baking soda (yellow box) and sprinkle a small amount on my stove top and use an ever-so-slightly damp paper towel to rub stains and spills away. They almost magically disappear compared to the products recommended for such, which I scrub and scrub with, and get such slow results. It was just a fluke that I tried this in a hurry to find something with minimum texture one day as I was out of the recommended cleanser. It works SO much better than the products especially marketed for cleaning. I'll never go back to purchasing products marketed for cleaning stove tops. This "might" work. Give it a try and let me know. Good luck.

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Baking soda will take baked grease off of pyrexware with the method CoraLea described. May need to add elbow grease. I've used it on DD stovetop as well.

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I remove the thin brown line around the burners with a Magic Eraser. Baking soda works too, it's just messier to use and I worry about getting water or baking soda in the electric ignitor.

Sorry, I've no suggestions for the grates - but I'd try the magic eraser on them too.

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A big "THANK YOU" to Cora Lea! I've got a Thermador cooktop, which is black porcelain. I have been trying to get the burned on stains around the star burners clean for the three years I've had it. The baking soda, several toothbrushes and a lot of elbow grease was the trick. Its still not perfect, but wow, it will be after some more diligence! This also worked on the glass on my oven doors. BS got the brown, baked on grease lines off completely -- they look new! Thanks so much!!!

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A product called Cameo will also take care of the spots without compromising the finish.Technically it is an alunimum polish,but it is great for a million other things and doesn't scratch glass or porcelin.

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I put the grates in the oven then set the oven to self-clean.

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I have a Whirlpool Super Capacity 465, Accubake System, Gas stove. My stove top looked terrible and I tried many different things to try to clean it including, baking soda, Bar Keepers Friend, etc. One day I decided to try Easy Off oven cleaner! It was amazing!!! It cleans the grates also. My grates are coated and the top of the stove is porcelain. Spray it on and let it sit for a few hours. Then wipe off with paper towels. I had to reapply and let it sit a again or over-night. When you get down to those left over black flecks I used a butter knife to carefully scrape. A dobie may work also. I didn't try to get it back to brand new looking the first time. But after a few different times I cannot believe how beautiful it is again! To keep the cleaner from getting into the holes where the gas comes out lift the flat round piece off each burner and roll some paper towel up and set it in the burner area and replace the flat round piece on top to hold the paper towel in place. Then I sprayed the whole stove top, replaced the grates and sprayed them. Let sit for hours. I wish I had discovered this years ago. It works like a charm and you don't have to scrub forever! Good Luck!

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self cleaning is good method everything automatic not to care about if busy somewhere or not at home

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