Grease stains on clothes

SRiordanLawApril 13, 2013

It seems no matter how hard I try not to get grease stains on my shirts, it still happens. I've tried every spot cleaner, soaking, and even hand cleaner. I know they are harder to get clean after you wash them once...but does anyone have a secret trick? Any help is much appreciated, thank you!

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I guess it depends on what kind it is. Years ago when I got oil of some kind on my clothes I rubbed corn starch on the spot right away and let it set. I also used it on wallpaper or painted surfaces. Always worked for me. If it is grease as in motors, I never noticed any on my husbands work clothes. He loved working on mechanical things, but don't remember any stains after they was washed. He did work in older clothes so it wouldn't have matter if they were stained.

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I keep an old toothbrush and a bottle of Dawn dish liquid by the washer. I scrub a little of the soap in any stains - wash in hot water if the fabric will take it, and almost everything comes out just fine.

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I spray the stain with Awsome from the dollar store. It will take out almost any stain.

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Oxyclean stain remover removes oil from clothes and does not remove the color.

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I swear by dish soap (the kind for hand washing dishes- I keep a cheapo bottle in the laundry room for this, but Dawn is awesome). This often will even take out stains that have gone through the washer and dryer. After working the soap into the stain a little, I usually let it sit for an hour or so and then launder. Sometimes it takes a second try, but most seem to come out.

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My in-laws owned a restaurant and for tough grease that does not come out with dawn, use Lestoil. Yes, Lestoil. It stinks to high heaven so I usually try dawn first. But it has gotten out every single grease stain. A friend washed chapstick with new ski pants, and lestoil got it all the stains out. I put it into a small water bottle with a sports top and dab it onto the grease stains. Good luck!

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I second using Awesome from the Dollar Store. The stuff is unbelievable & I use for everything including carpet stains. This is the best all purpose cleaner I have ever used. Every time I use it on stains in my laundry, I am amazed when they come out nice & clean.

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spray the stain with Awsome from the dollar store. It will take out almost any stain.

This product is truly awesome...removes grease stains from clothing new or old.

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