looking for a pedestal with some heft

thisishishouseApril 24, 2014

Does anyone know of any pedestal sinks that have a bit of 'mass' to them? Something that looks substantial? Most of the pedestals we've found so far seem too dainty or elegant for what we're looking for.

As an example, we saw this one at a local antique shop. Like it's proportions, but it's priced way out there.

Wondering if anyone's making something like this.

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I just got one at Lowe's, it's a 22 inch and it is square and is quite heavy

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Keep looking, plus scour the reselling and auction sites. I've picked up several over the years for $150-$400, usually in the $250 range. Obviously it's better to inspect before you buy.

Sometimes you just can't beat the old stuff.

People have asked me about a few over the last month or two.

There's one called "Tuxedo". I forget who made it. Large though

Kohler Revival has a beefy bowl.

I've installed a few of the large Kohler Memoirs, but they aren't as beefy and they are rectangular versus having softer rounded corners. O don't think Memoirs is the look you;re going for.

It does depends on your budget too.

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Look for salvage yards in your area. I love them and most have MANY old tubs and pedestal sinks. Some need a little TLC but are worth the elbow grease.

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Lotto: That one is actually from an architectural salvage place. I found some good candidates at it and another place. Problem is that they want nearly $2 grand for these old sinks. I've never priced pedestals before, but I didn't expect them to be that much. Now I'm hoping to find the same look in a new/reproduction piece for less. Ideally under $700-ish.

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Well, it IS a small world after all.

I looked at your profile and saw you're in MA. A few years back I rehabbed an old farmhouse in NH. I sourced old plumbing fixtures from a salvage house up there. So I figured I'd look up the salvage house and see if they had anything up your alley.

I went on their website and discovered that the yard I used is the same place you found that sink! Same photo.

Too funny.

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Small world, indeed. I am also in MA and scout NH salvage yards from time to time. So I guess we're all looking at the same sink! But I agree. That's a pretty outrageous price.

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I haven't seen any new ones that look as hefty as the old. If you're open to an old one have a look at ebay. The prices are all over the map based on condition but I saw a couple that I would take if I were looking. There's one very much like the picture you posted above for $1,000. LOL. But I've linked this cute one that needs work below. $180.00 as is.

Here is a link that might be useful: pedestal sink

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