Family Room Furniture Arrangement

cbusmomof3March 5, 2012

Hi Everyone.

I've started to do some furniture shopping but I'm stuck on the coffee table. We will have two identical 82" 3 cushion sofas perpendicular to each other. One will face the fireplace and the other will face the two identical swivel barrel chairs. In my opinion, this is the best for conversation/entertaining and family lounging.

When I put my furniture in I think a square coffee table would look the best. However, the one I want is rectangular. Do you think a rectangular table would work with this configuration?

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Is it possible for the the sofas to face each other?

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It is, but that would put the two chairs facing the television and DH REALLY wants a sofa facing the tv. I conceded because I got the tight-back sofas and the chairs I wanted (he wanted a sectional).

So, I'd like for it to stay arranged the way I described. However, I can see me asking him to rearrange it occasionaly for large parties or just for kicks when I've need a change.

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How about a round ottoman that can double as a coffee table? We are doing something similar to your layout with two sofas and chose the round ottoman. It also gives our big long room a different feel.

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@ motherof3- I proposed that idea (well, a square ottoman) very early in our furniture shopping but my husband isn't a fan of the ottoman look.

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